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The easy way to collect and track vaccination status across your workforce

Stay on top of employee COVID-19 vaccination status

As vaccines become more available and COVID-19 continues to keep us in varying states of lockdown, businesses are deciding to implement vaccination requirements for some workers. 

VaxTrack is a completely customisable HR workflow that automates how you collect vaccination information across your workforce to inform rostering, reporting and more.

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How does VaxTrack work?

Futureproof your workforce with VaxTrack

Flexible reporting on vaccination status

Managing vaccination status on rosters

For many, making sure vaccinated team members are rostered correctly will be front of mind. Ento’s roster builder makes it easy. Rosters can be configured to warn the roster creator when they are scheduling an unvaccinated person to work in a location or role that mandates partial or full vaccination. It can even be set up so that unvaccinated people cannot be rostered in roles where it’s required. Compliance made easy.

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