Upgrade to intelligent rostering, faster job fill and digital timesheet collection with Ento

Better manage your workforce with shift autofill, candidate shift-bidding and digital timesheets via facial recognition clock-in / clock-out by adding Ento to your FastTrack360 platform

Perfect rosters in minutes

Effortlessly create and update rosters across all locations. Back fill jobs or find the right candidates using Autofill in seconds. Keep on top of labour spend and regulatory requirements with a complete and dynamically updating view of labour costs and compliance in a roster period

Smarter candidate and client engagement

Candidates can easily view and manage upcoming shifts, unavailability requests, bid for available shifts and communicate with managers and peers in real time. Insightful reporting enables clear demonstration of ROI to clients

Digital timesheet collection

Remove the need for or expensive, clunky hardware or paper-based timesheets from site which require manual approval. Ento supports clock-in / clock-out via facial recognition or in-app via GPS with time rounding, break clocking and ability to capture shift notes on clock out

Seamless integration between FastTrack360 & Ento

Actions and candidates in FastTrack360 flow through to Ento for rostering, eliminating double entry, manual admin and the capacity for errors. Creating shifts in Ento automatically creates matching jobs in FastTrack360. Easily transfer timesheets back into FastTrack360 for payroll & billing

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Ento manages Rostering, Time & Attendance and Engagement as part of a combined solution with FastTrack360 which provides end-to-end management of candidates and clients

reduction in time required to manage job allocation
less querys per week from clients now they have real-time reporting

"We love using Ento and the FastTrack integration so much we are going to make using it mandatory for all of our clients "

Rimon Moussa
National Manager - Tailored Workforce