VaxTrack: how to stay on top of employee COVID vaccination status with ease


As vaccines become more available and COVID-19 continues to keep us in varying states of lockdown, businesses are deciding to implement vaccination requirements for some workers.

Recently SPC and Qantas have been the first to require vaccines for staff, with Government mandates circling the aged care sector.

Whether vaccinated workers are a requirement for your organisation, or you’ve made the business decision to require vaccinations across your workforce, keeping track of this information is no easy task.


Enter Ento’s VaxTrack

The flow of employee information across HR processes is dynamic. If you’re not supported with the right system, staying on top of everything – including vaccination information – can get complicated. 

To help with this, we’re excited to launch VaxTrack, an easy way to track employee vaccination status across your business!


What is VaxTrack?

VaxTrack is a completely customisable HR workflow that automates how you collect vaccination information across your workforce to inform rostering, reporting and more.

Leveraging our fan-favourite workflows feature, employees upload their proof of vaccination, including a record for the first and second shot. Managers then can validate uploaded documents to ensure everything checks out.

For those interested in reporting functionality, VaxTrack’s Vaccination Compliance Report offers insight into vaccination progress across your business, giving you the oversight and control needed to make critical business decisions.


How does VaxTrack work?

Ento’s VaxTrack is a feature of our all-in-one workforce management platform. Vaccine status is collected and stored similarly to a certification or licence, and updated by employees as needed. This information is used to power rostering notifications, so you’re better equipped to roster for compliance and business rules, fast.

The level of vaccine requirements that are needed for each role is customisable based on business needs. For example, you may need a till operator to be fully vaccinated, but not have the same need for pizza cooks. You can automate the steps taken to get this information from employees with VaxTrack. 

Managers can see what percentage of their workforce is partially or fully vaccinated in just a few clicks. The Vaccination Compliance Report clearly shows your workforce vaccination status by zero, one, two shots or not applicable. You can filter this report by role, location and division. Many managers use this report to send additional communication to those that are unvaccinated, prompting them to upload their certificates.




How can VaxTrack help with rostering?

For many, making sure vaccinated team members are rostered correctly will be front of mind. Ento’s roster builder makes it easy. Rosters can be configured to warn the roster creator when they are scheduling an unvaccinated person to work in a location or role that mandates partial or full vaccination. It can even be set up so that unvaccinated people cannot be rostered in roles where it’s required. Compliance made easy.




Future-proofing your workforce with VaxTrack

For businesses recruiting, onboarding new staff with vaccination requirements is automated and scalable. In the likely scenario that booster shots will be needed, expiry notifications will prompt employees and managers when it’s time to upload proof of that as well.



Get in touch to find out more

Whether you decide that mandating vaccines is right for your business, or legislation decides that for you, Ento empowers your business to make it possible. 

VaxTrack is now available for both existing Ento customers and new customers alike! Contact us or book a demo to see how VaxTrack can work for your business today.

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