Interview Process FAQs

How Do We Connect?

The first interaction with us will likely be over the phone. And we’ll call you as we’ll already have your number. The first round interview will be online via Zoom, or in-person. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know which in advance.

What should I wear?

This is completely up to you. We’re a pretty casual team for the most part. So, wear what makes you feel comfortable in. If you prefer jeans and a t-shirt – no problem. Or if putting on a suit makes you feel comfortable, by all means, go ahead.

How should I prepare?

Make sure you’re familiar with our product and have an understanding of the types of problems we solve. We’re not going to test your Ento knowledge, but it’ll help you gain valuable context. Browse through our website or watch our video for more information.

What kind of questions will you ask me?

Your interviews will ask you behavioural questions to learn more about your past experiences. All of our interviewers are trained in the STAR method. So, the more detailed and structured you are, the better.

When will I hear back?

You’ll hear back from us soon. We’ve outlined the estimated times in our Interview Process. If, for whatever reason, you haven’t heard back from us after 48 hours from when you had your interview with us, reach out to your Talent Acquisition Specialist.