Workforce Management Software for Retail

Accurately forecast optimal staffing levels, onboard permanent and casual staff quickly, and keep them engaged – while also having unsurpassed visibility of labour costs and budgets in real time.

Roster staff to meet demand, fast

There’s better ways for retail staff to use their time than spending hours creating rosters. With Ento, you can create rosters faster than ever before. So staff can concentrate on what matters most – providing customers with the best service possible.

workforce management software for retail - publish roster
Workforce management software for retail - demand-driven rostering

Supercharge your rostering

Add Demand-Driven Rostering capability to drive efficiencies even further. Using our unique algorithms, you can predict optimal staffing levels to meet future demand.

Easily comply with Awards and TOIL requirements

In retail, it’s challenging to navigate the complexity of the modern award system to ensure you always pay your staff correctly. But with our Awards Interpretation Engine, it’s one less thing to worry about.

workforce management software - alert
workforce management software for hospitality - reporting

Upgrade Your Store Performance Reporting.

Ento’s workforce management platform allows you to compare cost centres, similar sized stores, and regional performance with live sales and labour data on any device.

And with advanced reporting categories, tag and data points mean your CFO and retail performance teams will love our software.

Onboard Casuals Quicker Than Ever Before

To manage seasonal demand and high turnover, it’s crucial for retailers to make sure new employees are productive and selling from day one. Our onboarding platform lets you induct new hires for peak sale periods in record time.

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As a best-of-breed solution, we really are the best at what we do – workforce management software. We compliment the other tools you’re already using and will seamlessly integrate with them. Ultimately, giving you a powerful HR tech stack that drives a significant ROI. We integrate with everything, but especially payroll, recruitment, POS, SSO, and cloud storage.