Workforce management software for hospitality

A powerful platform that helps you increase efficiency, control spend and remain compliant.

Create rosters in minutes, not hours - and all within budget

Our workforce management software lets you choose between creating rosters from scratch or a template. Then simply drag and drop shifts and let Ento figure out if it fits your staffing and compliance needs.

workforce management software for hospitality- create rosters in minutes
workforce management software for hospitality - never over or understaff again

Never over or understaff again.

It’s near impossible to create rosters with spot-on forecasts using traditional means alone. Instead, Demand-Driven Rostering helps you forecast optimal hospitality staffing levels needed throughout the day to meet demand.

Awards Interpretation Engine makes compliance easy.

We have some of the world’s most complex pay rules here in Australia and New Zealand. Not abiding by these could result in costly fines and irreparable damage to your brand. Remove this risk by guaranteeing staff are paid correctly and they’ll receive the right entitlements through our Award Interpretation Engine.

workforce management software for hospitality - awards interpretation engine made easy
workforce management software for hospitality - reporting

Revolutionise how you run and report your business.

Do you lack live visibility of sales vs labour ratios, across venues, divisions, and client functions? Ento’s powerful workforce management platform can incorporate data from even the oldest POS systems to show your team metrics and dashboards never thought possible.

Trusted by hundreds of organisations


As a best-of-breed solution, we really are the best at what we do – workforce management software. We compliment the other tools you’re already using and will seamlessly integrate with them. Ultimately, giving you a powerful HR tech stack that drives a significant ROI. We integrate with everything, but especially payroll, recruitment, POS, SSO, and cloud storage.