Workforce Management Software for Healthcare

Reduce time spent on compliance management, rostering and reporting to get back to what matters most – achieving quality patient outcomes.

Turn rostering into a quick and easy process from a painful, resource-heavy one

The legislative environment within healthcare is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. On top of this, chronic staff shortages make it difficult to spread out the staff you do have, while not overworking them, and hitting your business KPIs – all at the same time.

With Ento, rostering is simple and takes just minutes. We’ll do all the heavy lifting in the background, so you’ll easily create compliant, efficient rosters that still meet your FTE obligations.

workforce management software for healthcare - rostering
workforce management software for healthcare - stress-free billing, tracking and reporting

Stress-free billing, tracking and reporting

Healthcare billing, tracking and reporting can be a nightmare. Our data engine can track codes, clients or tags so you can accurately report, track and submit to funding agencies or clients.

Spark employee engagement with digital onboarding and our Staff App

Start your new permanent, casual and agency staff’s experience right with Ento’s Onboarding. Then continue the positive experience to keep staff engaged through our Staff and Manager Apps.

Workforce management software for healthcare - onboarding

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As a best-of-breed solution, we really are the best at what we do – workforce management software. We compliment the other tools you’re already using and will seamlessly integrate with them. Ultimately, giving you a powerful HR tech stack that drives a significant ROI. We integrate with everything, but especially payroll, recruitment, POS, SSO, and cloud storage.