Workforce management software for Childcare

Software that helps you to significantly reduce expenditure and easily manage the complex legislative environment unique to the childcare industry.

Optimise centre profitability

Want to avoid unnecessary cost? Ento suggests cost-effective staff to fill shifts (avoiding loadings like overtime) and accurately captures staff time and attendance, resulting in greater profit margins.

Our childcare customers have achieved the following after switching to Ento:

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Always have right amount of people, where and where you need them

A major challenge within childcare is balancing the need to maintain profit margins, while also having enough people with the right skills rostered on, at the right time.

Let Ento do the work for you. Our Demand-Driven Rostering predicts the perfect amount of staff to roster down to 15 minute intervals. It’s powered by AI and pulls in various data points like real-time bookings, historical attendance, and compliance requirements, to forecast optimal staffing levels.

So, you can make data-informed decisions by understanding where and when employees are needed – without tedious and time consuming admin.

Read an example here on how Demand-Driven Rostering works with your existing childcare management software to bring significant cost reduction, as well as ensuring compliance.

Workforce management software that guarantees compliance

Gain full visibility over your roster compliance. Before you publish a roster, alerts will signal if there are potential breaches in modern award rules and / or legislated educator-to-child, diploma and early childhood teachers (ECTs) ratios.

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Simplify onboarding

Reduce time spent onboarding new childcare staff via automation with Ento’s digital onboarding and workflows.

Using customisable workflows, bring on new staff quicker than ever before, while also guaranteeing you’ll receive all their required documentation before they step foot in a centre.

Engage your workforce

A happier workforce leads to lower employee churn rates and increases in productivity. Empower employees with easy access to shift, timesheet and personal details.

And promote engagement with effortless communication. Distribute company-wide, group or centre announcements and notifications, or one-to-one discussions in our single, transparent platform.

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Trusted by hundreds of organisations


As a best-of-breed solution, we really are the best at what we do – workforce management software. We compliment the other tools you’re already using and will seamlessly integrate with them. Ultimately, giving you a powerful HR tech stack that drives a significant ROI. We integrate with everything, but especially payroll, recruitment, POS, SSO, and cloud storage.