Workforce Management Software for Security & Facilities

Take control of your business with a workforce success platform that can be configured to suit even the most unique of processes.

Centralised, de-centralised or hybrid management

Ento can be configured to suit your business processes, whether you’ve got a 24/7 ops team in a bunker, hundreds of site managers on the road, or a complicated combination of both. Leverage workflows, budget locks, credentialing, automatic scheduling & advanced auditing to take your business to the next level.

Win more tenders

Move your value proposition away from hours to outcomes. Give clients access to transparent dashboards & reports on utilisation, costs, credentials and quality in any format they need. Advanced facial recognition, GPS tracking & foolproof allocations mean your account managers have happier clients, and your sales team have better references for your next big bid.

Utilisation & performance

Control your hours and costs better than ever before with hard locks on rostering, live insight to staff utilisation and fatigue per site, client or role, and workforce mix reporting. Easy, intuitive dashboards mean your site managers won’t get overwhelmed and will drive change, with detailed reports available for CFOs and finance teams.

Flexible pricing for a fluctuating business

We know that key events & clients triple your business at times. Ento’s flexible, monthly pricing means you only pay for what you use, during the ebbs and flows of business. Our account management team can help you set up new client sites and peak-period projects with ease, whether you’ve got one cleaner at a retail store, or 500 guards at a major sporting event.

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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