Staff & volunteer management software for charities & NFPs

Engage volunteers like never before with mobile first, user friendly rostering, time & onboarding.

Onboard volunteers faster and easier than ever before

Ento’s branded onboarding platform lets you induct new volunteers for peak community and fundraising periods in record time. Ensure your new hires and volunteers are onboarded, onsite where you need them and ready to start faster than ever before. Intuitive apps, communication and timesheets let your staff spend less time on paperwork and more time on what they came here to do - improve fundraising outcomes or work with the community.

Flexible pricing for a fluctuating business

We know that key campaigns & seasonality triple your business at times. Ento’s flexible, monthly pricing means you only pay for what you use, during the ebbs and flows of business. Our account management team can help you set up peak-period projects with ease, whether you’ve got a small team of volunteers on a project / running an awareness campaign, or 1,000+ fundraisers running a fixed calendar campaign.

Automate volunteer allocations

Get your ops team and recruiters off the phones & back to adding value. Let us automate filling shifts via our advanced SMS & app technology. Fill thousands of jobs, shifts or tasks in seconds.

Optimise internal communication

Make sure your manager’s, co-ordinators & volunteers are all on the same page with our group discussions, messaging & notifications. Eliminate the multitude of Facebook and WhatsApp groups, keep your best staff engaged and your customers happy in a HR-friendly, controlled, auditable environment.

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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