Workforce Management Software For Labour Hire

The biggest labour hire companies in Australia trust Ento to help them manage their workforces, no matter how large or decentralised.

Automate allocations

Get your ops team and recruiters off the phones & back to adding value. Let us automate filling shifts via our advanced SMS & app technology. Fill thousands of jobs, shifts or tasks in seconds.

Leave your competition in the dust

Cut placement times in half, and fill jobs faster than you ever thought possible. Capturing contracts, inductions & credentialing on any device means your candidates are working on the client site before other agencies have realised they’ve lost their paperwork (again).

Cross-client visibility

Never make an invoicing mistake again. Ento’s access models and permissions can be setup to match your business, meaning no matter how many clients, sites, operations teams and regions your staff are shared across, you’ll always know where they are, how fatigued they are and how much they’re costing.

ATS and CRM sync

All candidate data, credentials, forms and tickets are automatically synced to your recruitment system. Completely removing manual data entry from your business means you can wipe out your admin overhead, and free up HR and admin staff.

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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