How Agile Software Development Helps our Customers

With the recent expansion of the team we are renewing our commitment to following the agile manifesto.  Our first test came yesterday. A long term client (and one of the leading catering companies in Melbourne) contacted us asking if we could make our fill-in finder even easier. They wanted to check the status of their 100’s of pending fill-in requests at a glance; rather than having to click on each one several times per day.

With the client, we decided the best way to do this was implement different icons depending on the status of the empty shift, rather than a single icon representing all stages.


  • a black silhouette with a question mark would indicate you hadn’t approached anyone for the shift
  • a blue icon with a hourglass would indicate you had approached people but no one had replied yes yet
  • a blue icon with a plus sign means someone has said they can work the shift.

This functionality was built, tested, documented and applied everyones account shortly after lunchtime.

The same day, a trial client who uses break times not already included in our existing options asked if we could add them in, which we did within the hour.

These are both instances where our clients have benefited from our small, nimble team over some of our well established but slow moving competitors – where a small and fast fix on our end can make usability for the you that much easier. While we are not promising to build everything we get asked for, don’t be afraid to ask us for what you really need.

Happy rostering!

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