Happy Workplace Weekly #8

Welcome to our latest issue of Happy Workplace Weekly, where we provide this week’s top news stories and advice for forward thinking managers.

Industry news:

News from retail, hospitality and small business

A survey has found that organised crime is a worsening problem for the retail industry

Canadian point-of-sales startup Lightspeed has picked up $61m in funding

Target makes employee health a priority by handing out FitBits to its 300,000-strong workforce

Steve Madden, Kate Spade top the list of fastest growing retailers for 2015

New Apple store designed by Jony Ive opens in Brussels

The best and worst UK brands for customer service, ranked

Industry insight:

The best tips and advice to succeed in your industry

5 enjoyable weekend habits that set you up for success

5 ways to create positive customer service phrases

5 customer service lessons from American Ninja Warrior

Should you be offering your customers in-store pickup?


The 3 pillars of leadership

4 leadership lessons in humility

How to create an emotional connection with remote employees

The one perk entry-level employees want more than their bosses


What research says happiness really is

The key to happiness at work is free snacks

The unexpected influence of stories told at work

And just because:

Facebook announces that a ‘dislike’ button is (finally) on its way; here are 23 statuses we’ll all be using it on

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Happy Friday!

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