Happy Workplace Weekly #7

Welcome to our latest issue of Happy Workplace Weekly, where we provide this week’s top news stories and advice for forward thinking managers.

Industry news:

News from retail, hospitality and small business

Clothing retailer Rivers announces it will close its warehouse in regional Victoria, cutting 130 jobs

Aussie surf brand Quiksilver files for bankruptcy in the US

Alternative lending startup Fundbox, which lends small businesses cash to stay afloat, has closed another $50m in funding

US small business confidence rose modestly through August

The University of Victoria has partnered with the town of Whistler to provide almost all businesses in the town with customer service training

Industry insight:

The best tips and advice to succeed in your industry

How good customer service can be your most powerful marketing tool

8 tips to market your business using review sites

4 simple steps to boosting sales

3 ways nonprofits can engage millennials


Our managing director Aulay Macaulay talks about tough decisions in the early days of Ento in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Startup War Stories’ series

5 leadership lessons from Rio Tinto’s Sam Walsh

The 12 step process for improving your people management skills

5 tips for inspiring your most talented employees


The way we think about work is broken

The unglamourous first jobs of today’s top tech millionaires

3 tips for regaining happiness in your life

A psychologist reveals the ‘single biggest predictor of human happiness’

And just because:

Comedian Jeff Wysaski planted hilarious, fake in-store reviews on items in an Ikea store

Think we missed something of vital importance? Let us know in the comments.

Happy Friday!

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