Happy Workplace Weekly #11

Welcome to our latest issue of Happy Workplace Weekly, where we provide this week’s top news stories and advice for forward thinking managers.

Industry news:

News from retail, hospitality and small business

Target launches NEW LOOK range with online pop-up shop

U.S retail group sees holiday sales growth slowing this year

Domino’s brings American pizza to … Italy

Urban Outfitters under fire for asking employees to work for free

How restaurants are using technology to deliver seamless customer service

Whole Foods to stop selling food made by prison labor

Industry insight:

The best tips and advice to succeed in your industry

Six steps to online retail success

7 top Australian fashion retail trends to try in 2015

5 cutting edge retail technology trends

Stemming staff turnover in your kitchen

Two dozen ways to dramatically boost customer service


The myth of motivation

Make friends with your fear, and it will do great things for you

10 of the greatest inspirational quotes Churchill never said (and 10 more that he did)

Top 30 millionaire habits for incredible success


5 leadership lessons from my greatest boss ever

Inspiring leadership and the need for a creative, empowered workforce

Ask yourself these questions daily to avoid the most common leadership traps

Lessons in leadership and culture from the GeekWire Summit

And just because:

Photographer Ho Hai Tran’s project ‘Pizza Hunt’ focuses on old Pizza Hut restaurants; will make you feel weird and nostalgic

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