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It’s not often I sit staring at a gigantic version of our logo, pondering what our tagline really means. Fortunately, our recent office move afforded me such an opportunity and it couldn’t of come at a better time.

First lets rewind a couple of weeks. We’d been looking to move out of the co-space in South Melbourne we currently worked from into some space we could comfortably grow in and make our own. Together with our mates (and clients) at The White Tree we decided to take an awesome two story place in Richmond. Being the typical hacker / entrepreneur I am, I quickly decide none of the desks for sale anywhere were quite what I wanted, so I would build my own from scratch. It was this kind of ‘how hard can it be’ thinking that got me into the rostering business some 4 years ago. When will I ever learn…..

I became obsessed with every  detail of the ‘office development process’, from the pots I would sit our plants in (I care for office plants now?!?) to the how closely the microwave I ordered would match the bin it would be near. Building the desks led me to in-depth research and planning on the types of screws I would use and where I would position them to maximise strength but minimise visibility. I developed a production lines, pondered the flow and feng shui (not really, but maybe I should have?) of the layout and thought long into the night on how I could make the space a comfortable, professional and ultimately a ‘cool’ place to work. It wasn’t hard to draw parallels between the office build and the company I planned to run from it but there wasn’t much time to sit and contemplate them all. There were problems to solve and features to complete.

ANYWAY, back to the question, what does our tagline ‘Smarter Rostering. Happier Workplace.’ really mean? Well to me they aren’t two separate statements. Anything which you strive to do smarter in your workplace will make you and your employees happier.

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