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Have your casual employees let you know in advance when they can’t be scheduled.

Unavailability shows which casual employees can be scheduled, handling simple requests like ‘Willow can’t work next Friday’ to more complex instances such as ‘Willow has university every Tuesday morning for the next two months’.
By default  > Unavailability lists all pending requests, to make it easy to review and Approve or Reject requests. To view all Unavailability hit Search to include approved and other request statuses using the search filters.

Create Unavailability

To create a new unavailability request on your employees behalf, go to:

  • > Unavailability
  • Click the + Create new button at the top of the page

Then select:

  • employee name
  • Duration of unavailability – hours, day or multiple days
  • If hours, select hours of unavailability
  • Date/s affected
  • Frequency
  • Notes
  • Status – Pending, Approved, Rejected or Retracted
  • Notify staff of status change – Yes or no
  • Save

Unavailability Calendar

The Unavailability calendar shows both vacation and unavailability within the single view. This can be extremely useful when evaluating new vacation and unavailability requests during busy times of the year; so you can ensure you still have enough employee available.
Navigate the calendar using the < and > buttons. You can also switch between Month, Week and Day views. All time off requests are attached to a specific location through the employee they belong to.
Approved unavailability entries are white ringed in green. Other approved leave types such as vacation or personal leave are solid green, and other pending leave requests are yellow. Hovering over an unavailability or leave entry will display additional information including start date for that leave or unavailability series entry, and any notes.


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