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Sales & Billing

How much does it cost?
We work out each month’s subscription based on the total unique employee that are active the previous month. More information on ‘active users’ below.

How is my monthly subscription calculated?

  1. Your monthly subscription is based on Licensing x Total active users
    • Licensing- this is the rate that’s agreed when you first start using Ento and is expressed as Per Employee Per Month (pepm). This rate is dependent on the amount of Ento modules which you’ve subscribed to.
    • Total unique active users- an active user is calculated as any staff member with at least one or more action during the billing period. We then count the amount of active users based on their staff ID.
  2. We also have minimum monthly spends which are agreed before using Ento. Your monthly subscription will be the greater of your
    • Licensing x Active Users
    • Monthly minimum spend

What counts as an active user?
An active user in Ento is defined as any staff member that has an action within any module.

  • given a shift in a Schedule
  • submitted leave in Time & Attendance
  • change to personal details or termination in Core HR
  • assigned to a stage in Workflows

A shift change is where most actions will occur for staff members. A shift change could be created, published, clocked in/ out, timesheet approved, timesheet edited, pay cycle processed. It’s important to note that this applies to all shifts, not just shifts which fall within the billing period. Altering a shift from 3 months ago will still count as activity since that shift had a change within the current billing period.
There is no limit to the amount of activity for each user in a billing month. A staff member with one detail change will be counted as 1 unique active user, and another staff member with 30 actions will be counted as 1 unique active user.

What if a user is not active during the month?
Users with no activity during the billing month will NOT be calculated as part of the monthly subscription. Only users with some type of activity in Ento will be counted towards the monthly subscription. Although you may have 1,200 staff within your account, if only 900 staff are active within the month then only 900 will count towards your subscription.

Is there a monthly minimum spend?
Yes, all new Ento customers agree to a monthly minimum based on 50 active users. Existing customers will not be forced onto this minimum, but if they’d like to change their current agreement (e.g. add new modules) then the minimum will apply. If you’re looking to add new modules and would like to know how the new monthly minimum will impact you, please contact your Account Manager or Support

Can I use Ento in (insert country outside Australia)?
While there is nothing stopping you from using Ento outside Australia, SMS as a communication could be expensive for your employee as they would need to send reply messages to an international number. We have plans for local reply numbers in the UK, USA and Canada in the near future. If you plan on using email for your primary communication method there will be no problem.

Will Ento suit my business?
Ento is adaptable to a wide range of business. From bowling alleys to the chocolate factories, we find most people’s problems center around similar issues. We invite you to send us a schedule we can’t make fit in the system!

What makes you different to other systems?
At last count we found over 50 systems available to businesses in Australia. While it would be difficult to explain how we differ from each and every one, we wrote a blog topic covering what to look out for over three years ago that still rings true.

Am I locked into a contact?
No. If you do cancel your account as a paying member you will never be charged again.

Do you have any (insert type of company) in (insert state) that I can contact about your system?
While chances are the answer is “yes”, due to privacy reasons we are unable to share names of specific clients without their prior consent. To get a general feel for the types of clients we have using the system and what they have to say, go to our Customers page.

Do you offer discounts?
A 30% discount is available for charities and non-profit organisations. If you are sending large volumes of SMS, we are also happy to discuss a discounted SMS rate.

How much does it cost if I use SMS to contact my employee ?
SMS costs 15c per standard 160 character message sent and is deducted from your account balance upon sending. The longer and more detailed your shift labels or group messages are, the more SMS credits your messages might consume.

Is account credit refundable?
No. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service or remaining credit at the time of account cancelation. More information on our terms & conditions page.

Is my data safe?
Yes. Our infrastructure is hosted within world-class data centres run by Amazon Web Services. With servers across the globe in Sydney, Europe and the United States we are able to offer a global service while still maintaining data sovereignty for our Australian customers. Worldwide Amazon Web Services host data for some of the world’s largest global businesses including Suncorp, Netflix, Adobe, Trello, SoundCloud and Slack.

What happens to my data if I close my account?
Your account data is removed from our servers four weeks after you ‘cancel’ your account. We can also have your data removed within 48 hours if you email us.

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