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Qualifications & licences

If your workplace has roles that can only be performed by employees with particular qualifications, the qualifications & licences feature in Ento is a great way to manage that.
This allows you to add qualifications, assign them to roles as requirements, then set their expiry dates on employee profiles – ensuring you only ever roster qualified employees.
There are any number of qualifications or licences an employee may need in order to undertake a particular role. These include, but are not limited to, gaming or liquor licenses for bartenders, gun licences for security or corrections employees, and forklift licences for warehouse employees.

Qualifications &

Once activated and the requirements for qualifications are added to each location’s roles , mangers will be warned or blocked should they try an employee in a role and they don’t have the required qualifications on file.
Below a critical alert has been triggered, and the manager is being warned that as the employee doesn’t have a current first aid certificate they are not qualified to work the Shift Supervisor role.

Activating the qualifications & licenses feature

Settings > Company Settings
On the ‘Core HR’ tab of your Company Settings you can choose whether ‘your roles require any specific qualification & licences’.
Set this to Yes and click Save to activate qualifications on your account.

Adding qualifications & license options

Core HR > Account Data > Qualifications & Licences
Click the Create New button. You’ll be taken to a page where you can add the information for the qualification or licence you’re adding, with three fields to complete:

ID number (required) This will be auto-generated, though you can use your own reference number.
Name (required) The name of the qualification/licence you’re adding.
Image You can upload a photo to identify each qualification or licence you add.

Once you’ve filled in the required fields, click the Save button.

Attaching the qualification or licence requirements to roles

Core HR > Organisation Structure > Roles
Once you’ve entered your qualifications and licences into the system, you’ll need to tell the system which roles require them.
Through Core HR, find the role you want to add a qualification or licence to, and click the Edit button.
You’ll see a section for Qualification & licences where you can select any that employees working in that role will need by ticking the boxes next to them.

Finally, adding qualifications & licences to employees

Core HR > People > employees
Edit the profile of the employee you’d like to add a qualification for and navigate to the Qualifications tab.
There are five fields for you to complete:

Qualification and licence (required) Select from any of the qualifications and licences you’ve already loaded into your account.
Valid from (required) Select the date the qualification or licence is valid from.
Expiry date  Select the date the qualification or licence is valid until.
File Upload a Doc, PDF or image file of the qualification or licence in question.
Note The notes field can be used to store extra pieces of information on the qualification or licence your employee has.

Once you’ve filled out the required fields, click the Save button.
Now, as you schedule shifts into roles with qualification & licence requirements, the system will warn you if the qualification is expired for the date the shift falls on!
Qualification collectors and presenters
The optional Onboarding and Workflows module allows the use of Qualification collectors and presenters in workflow template forms. This allows for adding or updating (and even historical versioning for preservation) of any qualification, licence or certifications (or any PDF file) you require your employees to provide.

A qualification presenter can then be placed in a form/task stage for a company recipient like a payroll or HR manager to check the documentary evidence supplied.

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