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New Hires

Integrate your candidates into Ento earlier with New Hires

Onboarding & Workflows > New Hires
Working with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Ento allows for the importing of New Hires – candidates who are currently being considered for a role in your company.
Hiring Managers can use this functionality for deciding on the perfect candidate and then quickly and easily push them through to an onboarding workflow to start introducing them to their business and for use in .

Importing New Hires

New Hires can currently be entered into the system via Core HR > Account Data > Import Data.
Our article on Importing New Hires will assist further.

Viewing New Hires

Once imported into Ento, all New Hires will show up under Onboarding & Workflows > New Hires
This section allows you to view your current list, delete any unnecessary records, or start a workflow based on a candidate.
You can also search by candidate or job name using the icon in the top-right.

Starting an onboarding workflow

You can start a workflow for a single staff member by clicking the ‘Onboard’ button on the right side of their row.
Alternatively, bulk start a number of New Hires by ticking the boxes next to their names and then clicking the ‘Onboard all’ button that appears.
Start by selecting the type of workflow, a due date, and details for the new employee like primary location.

If you start multiple onboards at once, it adds a count in the corner and an ‘also apply to x remaining New Hires’ checkbox.
Either fill the forms out one a time with different settings, or click the checkbox to use the same settings for each.

In some cases, your New Hires may match someone you’ve already created in Ento.
When you select ‘Onboard’, Ento will check the name, email and mobile number to see if it can find any such matches already in the account. It will then clarify whether you’d like to combine the accounts, or if they’re separate and should both exist.

Even when onboarding in bulk, it will individually show you each match that it finds, so you can clarify each before moving on.
Once you start the onboard process, any New Hires will disappear from the list, as they’re now on their way to joining your team! Instead, find their workflow as usual in the Onboarding & Workflows > Workflows list.

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