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MYOB AccountRight Live Add-on

Send your Ento timesheets directly to MYOB AccountRight Live

Integration format: API

The add-on allows you to easily process payroll by sending employee hours as set up in your Ento employment contracts through to MYOB AccountRight Live, all with the click of a button!
Please note: This is for the cloud-based ‘AccountRight Live’ version of MYOB. The offline MYOB AccountRight application uses a different file-based add-on.

Initial setup

The MYOB AccountRight Live integration can be added to your account by navigating to Add-Ons > MYOB AccountRight Live.
Export options are set within the add-on edit screen:

Name: The name of the integration that will appear in your list of export options when exporting pay cycle data.
Pay schedules: Select which Ento pay schedules you want this specific add-on to send through to MYOB. You may have multiple configurations for multiple venues, or business units. If you need help configuring your pay schedules, contact Ento Support.

Configuring Ento to communicate with MYOB

Add-Ons > MYOB AccountRight Live > View Mapping
Each section of the mapping list will allow you to map a different type of data to your MYOB account, and for each type you can choose whether to send data or not to send it at all.
The five sections will have you link the employee records, earning rates to post, available leave types to post, link Pay schedules with the MYOB calendar.

employee  names will be matched if possible, or select the employee name from the dropdown list from  MYOB.

Earning rate / Payroll category
Earning rates for each Award configuration can be posted to MYOB. Some may not need to be be connected, especially for earning rates for leave, which can be mapped in the next section.
In some instances, such as ‘Ordinary hours’ on a Salary employment contract, you may choose to handle this in MYOB directly, rather than send from Ento to Base Hourly in MYOB, so may be set to ‘Don’t send timesheets’.

Leave type / Payroll category
Leave types for each award configuration (in the order the  Awards are listed in the Earning rate section above) can also be sent to MYOB. You may choose not to send all, for example you may use Unpaid Leave in Ento, but not need it to post to MYOB.

Pay schedules / Calendars
Each pay schedule in Ento needs to be mapped to a MYOB Calendar with aligning dates.

This should all be set up during your Ento implementation, so for any future changes or additions, it’s advised to chat to Ento Support for assistance.

Exporting timesheets as part of a pay run

Once you’re ready to send timesheet data to MYOB, simply navigate to Payroll & Leave > Pay cycles and click ‘Export’ next to the pay cycle in question.
Choose the ‘MYOB AccountRight Live’ export type and it’ll display information relating to the transfer of data, including progress and any errors.

Viewing previous exports

Add-Ons > MYOB AccountRight Live > View Mapping
To see the last three exports to MYOB, navigate to the mapping page and you’ll be able to see the last three times the add-on was run, and the results of each.
This can be helpful in identifying issues if a result in MYOB is different than expected.

Help using MYOB AccountRight Live

For assistance with your MYOB AccountRight Live system, including importing timesheet files, please contact the MYOB support team or your MYOB account manager.

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