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FastTrack360 add-on

Sync employee data & automatically create jobs in FastTrack360 from rostered Ento shifts to dramatically save time.

Integration overview

Our deep integration with FastTrack360 creates a seamless relationship between your Ento and FastTrack360 data, spanning across the entire platform.
This means:

  • Employee data exports from FastTrack360 to Ento with the touch of a button
  • Roster in Ento and syncing those shifts back to FastTrack360 as temporary job orders
  • Custom fields added to shifts in Ento sync to Job Templates in FastTrack360
  • Seamless syncing of Unavailability from Ento, so that staff can easily submit unavailability via Ento’s staff app and show up as unavailable in the FastTrack360 diary
  • Reconcile shifts, and their recorded attendance times, back to the jobs that were created during the rostering process.
  • Sync Permanent Jobs from FastTrack360 back to Ento as ‘unavailability’ so they can’t accidentally be rostered

Sending Employee data from FastTrack360

Using custom actions within FastTrack360, you can select active candidates to be pushed to Ento. These candidates will be either created, if they don’t already exist in Ento, or updated within Ento if they do exist.
New candidates are still onboarded in FastTrack360 as per your usual process. Once the candidate is created in FastTrack360 they can be sent to Ento via a custom action performed on the candidate search page in FastTrack360.

  1. From the search page you can select candidates in FastTrack360
  2. Use the “Send to Ento” custom action to push them to Ento.
  3. These candidates will be either created, if they don’t already exist in Ento, or updated within Ento with any details that were added.

If any inactive or archived candidates are sent to Ento (and they already exist in Ento) then they will be made inactive (archived) in Ento as well.

Sync rostered shifts to FastTrack360 as Temporary Job Orders

When a shift is created in Ento, it automatically creates a temporary job order in FastTrack360 via the API ensuring accuracy between the two systems in real time.
Only a unique combination of roster, position and candidate within the roster date range will create a new job in FastTrack360. Subsequent shifts added to a roster with the same unique combination will just be allocated to the existing job.
E.g – John Smith is on a forklift driver shift everyday for the duration of the roster date range – will just be one temporary job in FastTrack360 for the duration of the roster period.
If John Smith is assigned another shift as a packer, this will create a new job.
As shifts in Ento are deleted, added, moved to different days and roles, Ento will reflect those changes in FastTrack360. To ensure that FastTrack360 can interpret overtime correctly, Ento will create a single job for each unique roster, employee and position combination. This is instead of single jobs for single shifts.

Use custom fields to quickly fill Job Templates in FastTrack360

Job templates will still be created in FastTrack360. Ento will automatically pull in the Job Templates that exist in your FastTrack360 account which can be filtered by client and then applied to shifts on a roster.

Block out staff in Ento when they have Fixed Job Assignments in FastTrack360

To prevent candidates from being double booked in Ento and FastTrack360, sync Fixed Job Assignments to Ento via custom actions within FastTrack360 to ensure that their job assignments are respected in both. When this custom action is triggered, Ento will block out those days within Ento.
To trigger this custom action in FastTrack360:

  1. Click on find candidates
  2. Input desired filters and click on search
  3. Put a check mark against candidates that you would like to send to Ento
  4. Click on custom actions and click on “Send candidates to Ento”

Sync easily submitted Ento Unavailability to FastTrack360

To help FastTrack360 take unavailability online and to create a single source of truth for unavailability between Ento and FastTrack360, the Ento employee app can be used to lodge unavailability. This unavailability, once approved within Ento by managers, will sync across to the FastTrack360 diary. This will ensure that availability managed in FastTrack360 is respected when looking and assigning candidates on fixed jobs in FastTrack360.
When unavailability is retracted in Ento, the corresponding diary entry in FastTrack360 will also be removed.

Update your FastTrack360 Temporary Job Orders with Ento’s recorded attendance times

Time captured through Ento or entered via timesheet authorisation can be exported back to FastTrack360, updating the existing jobs that were created during the initial rostering process with their new recorded times. Reach out to us if you’d like to discuss this ability further.

Keen to integrate FastTrack with Ento? Reach out to us at contact@ento.com to discuss further.

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