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Adding or updating

Adding to your team or editing existing details

Core HR > People >

can be added or edited in a number of ways; manually, by file upload or through an onboarding workflow.

Where to find and create

Landing on Core HR > People > will show you a list of your active . Click on the Filter button at the top right hand side of the screen to also include with a Prestart or Deleted status, and other parameters if required, then click Filter.

Manually create and edit

To manually create account go to Core HR > People >  and click Create new.

Start on the General details tab, and enter all available data.  ID will default to a sequential ID prefixed with ST, or you can enter a different one (eg. one generated by a payroll system).

If you enter an ID that has been used previously by a now deleted , you will be asked if you want to restore them. Click the X to restore, or enter a different ID.

Commencement date should be the earliest date that the will need to to be once they return. It won’t be possible to schedule them prior to this date, or change that date easily once the is restored, so ensure you enter a commencement date that will allow for the earliest required shift.

If you do not enter a new commencement date, their original commencement date will be restored, and for more accurate record keeping this should be their new commencement date.

Required fields are indicated by an asterisk. Tabs with required fields missing data are indicated by red circles with an x in them. Only once all required fields are completed will you be able to click Save to reactivate the .

Bulk create or edit

To quickly create a number of accounts, you can upload a CSV of their details, Go to Core HR > Account data > File Upload.
Complete the template with all required (asterisked*) fields, any other data available, to quickly create, update or even delete in bulk.
For more information on adding or editing in bulk, see the articles Importing and Bulk updating details.

Create with onboarding workflows

can be created through a workflow, which allows for a more structured process and can involve multiple stages, managers, approvals, notifications, and allow information submitted by the themselves to be incorporated and automatically updated to their profile.                         For more information on starting a new onboarding workflow, click here.

Custom Fields

You can customize the data captured against by utilising Objects, created through Core HR > Account Data > Objects.
This allows you to ensure all necessary data is captured for every , whether used by Ento or not, and with a tab added to the side of the screen for each Object Group created, you can sort and even restrict custom data visibility by manager profiles.

Deleting and restoring

What happens when I delete ?

When you delete  none of their previous shifts are removed. They will show on old schedules and within reporting, but all future shifts are unassigned from them, future booked leave is removed and future unavailability cleared, so we recommend leaving them in Ento until their final pay cycle has been processed.

How can I un-delete or restore ?

Go Core HR > People > and use the filter to include Deleted (using their name or old ID) find the record you want to restore, then click Edit/Reactivate.

Enter new commencement date

By default the record will use the original commencement date. Before you click Reactivate and make the record Active, update the commencement date to the earliest date they will be for a shift, so they are added to any required pay cycles prior to new commencement date onwards, and can be and paid.



  • Even if is inserted into previous pay cycles, if the pay cycle has been exported to a payroll system and marked as Processed, that data will not be sent to the payroll system.
  • No leave accrual that could have been be accrued in Ento will be added to the leave balance, and both their Ento profile and the payroll system will need to be updated manually.
  • If there are data fields that are now required to be populated, that were not populated when the was last active, you will see red circles with x on them on the tabs to the left of the screen. Click on each tab to see the required fields (indicated by an asterisk) and add data for those fields. Only once all required fields are completed will you be able to save or reactivate the .
  • Remember to check fields that affect payroll like Base Rate, Award Pay Schedule, Weekly ordinary hours and Work schedule. If you change any of these, make sure they are affected for the current pay cycle forwards.
  • Once the account is restored, any shifts that were unassigned will remain unassigned.
  • If you do not enter a new commencement date, the original commencement date will apply.
  • If you Reactivate that was deleted while a New Hire (e.g. they had not reached the ‘Create record’ stage of their Onboarding workflow), they will be active from the listed Commencement date.


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