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Contract & Policy templates

Get rid of all that paper and have employees sign their documents digitally

Onboarding & Workflows > Contract & Policy templates
Printing, storing and chasing up paperwork manually can be time consuming and error-prone, with documents often forgotten or misplaced.
Contract and policy documents can be set up in Ento as templates, which can then be added as part of a workflow. employees can be asked to review and sign documents online, and Ento will store digital copies of the signed documents against their profile for future reference.
Common workflow use-cases for Contract and Policy templates include:

  • Hiring and onboarding new employees
  • Changing employment terms for existing employees, e.g. a promotion or change in employment status
  • Releasing a new or updated policy to all employees


Creating a template

To create a new contract or policy template, navigate to Onboarding & Workflows > Contract & Policy templates > Create new.

1 – Upload files

Give the template a descriptive name, and select a contract or policy file to upload. This can be any PDF, Word doc, or JPG/PNG image.
Before uploading, ensure you have created blank space for any variables (name, address, signature, etc) to be added to the document, rather than having placeholder text. Leave a gap or add an underline where this information will be added.

2 – Choose template objects

Select the object where the contract should be stored for each employee , or create a new object.
Choose which existing objects need to be displayed on the contract – this is any data already in Ento that varies by employee , such as name, role, commencement date, address, manager etc, as they may all differ depending on who is signing the contract, and can often be pre-filled by the system. Choosing these now will allow you to pick where they should display on the contract.
Contract specific fields such as ‘Signature’ or ‘Signed date’ can be added at the next step.

3 – Markup template

You can add objects to the contract by selecting the desired entry type in the toolbar and then clicking where you want to add it.

Each new field will have options for who will fill it out and (if applicable) what object information will be displayed there.
They can also be dragged around or expanded by dragging the bottom right corner.

Once you have multiple fields, drag a selection box around them and the toolbar will change to an align bar, allowing you to align all selected fields to the left, right, top or bottom most points out of the selected fields.

Make sure to add a ‘Signature’ field and a ‘Signed date’, as most contracts and policies will require a record of this information.

4 – Preview template

Finally, enter test data to populate a preview of your contract. Ensure the required information has been included and check formatting for each.
Hit Finish to save your contract.
You can always go back and edit the contract at any point, however you will need to run through each step again. Be aware that if you add any new objects to be displayed you will need to format them all again.
To have employees sign your new contract/policy, add it as a stage in a new or existing workflow.

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