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Clocking in and out

For your manager, building and communicating your shifts with you is only half the job. They also need to know if you worked the hours scheduled, or if you worked longer or less. The methods for capturing your time and attendance data are outlined below.
You may be able to use one or all of these methods, check with your manager if you are unsure.

Clocking in and out

There are a range of methods used to capture the time you are working against a shift in Ento. One or more centralised Time clocks, using the Ento Employee app on your mobile phone, via SMS, and self managed time sheets.

Time Clock

Clocking In

If your company uses the Time Clock loaded on a tablet or PC, and you have a shift, your tile will be shown in the top section. To clock in, click your tile.

Depending on the authentication method your company uses, the Time Clock with either ask you for a PIN, or take a photo of you.
If your company has break clocking enabled, you may also see amber ‘Go on Break’ and ‘Resume shift’ buttons, in addition to the red ‘Clock in’ and ‘Clock out’ buttons, which will use the same authentication methods outlined below.
If it’s set to use PIN and you haven’t clocked in before, the first time you clock in is when you set that PIN. Don’t share this PIN with anyone, and choose a secure PIN, ideally not your DOB or banking PIN to be secure.
If you’ve forgotten your PIN or would like to change it, go to the Settings tab of the Ento Employee app (or staff area in a web browser) to set a new one. Enter your current password at the top, then enter a new PIN and Save.
If the Time clock is requesting to take a photo of you instead, check your whole face can be seen clearly in the camera capture window, then click red Clock In button. The image is stored securely, and only your manager and the Ento team can access it.
For more information on our Privacy Policy, click the link at the bottom of any Ento page.

Clocking out

To clock out, click your tile found in the middle ‘Clocked In’ section of the Time Clock. After you have authenticated via PIN or a photo, the page may ask you for details about your break (depending on the settings your manager has turned on) and for any Notes you wish to add. These notes will be shown to your manager when they are reviewing timesheets and should be used to mention reasons why you had to go home early, late or anything else you need communicated about the shift. Once you have entered the required details, click the Clock out button.

employee app

The clock in and out method use by businesses without a fixed work place is usually via the employee app. If you are an employee of one of these companies, there will be a Clock in button at the top of your employee app that appears a few hours before the start of your shift (in case you are called in to start early, you can still be logging your time).

Clocking in

To clock in, login to the employee app and click the Clock in button. The time and your GPS location will be recorded and attached to your timesheet.

To ensure your clock in is registered correctly you will need to ensure that Location Services are enabled on your device:
For iOS

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Privacy.
  3. Ensure the Location Services toggle is set to ON.

For Android

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Locations.
  3. Ensure the toggle is set to ON.

Clocking out

To clock out, login to the employee app and click the red Clock out button.
You may be asked to confirm your break length, and leave notes about your shift (should you have clocked in and out differently than what was scheduled. Your manager may use these notes when reviewing timesheets, and should be used to communicate reasons for leaving early, staying back late, or anything else relevant to share with your manager when they look to authorised the shift you just worked.
The time, these details and your GPS location (only captured at time of clocking in and out) will be recorded, and attached to your timesheet.


SMS Clock in and out is most commonly used for Call Outs when you are scheduled to be ‘On Call’.  You will only be able to clock in and out during the hours you’re scheduled. Your manager will provide you with the mobile number to text.

On Call Call Outs

For On Call shifts when you are called out to work, SMS ‘Ah in’ to clock in, and ‘Ah out’ to clock out,  multiple times if required during scheduled on call shift. Remember you will always need to clock out before trying to clock back in.

Regular shifts

Text ‘Clock in’ to clock in, and ‘Clock out’ to clock out.

Self managed timesheets

To confirm the hours you have worked, login to the employee app and click Timesheets. Click on a shift, then click Edit when it appears. A timesheet can be edited up until the shift has been authorised, then the record will be locked.

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