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Automated imports and exports via SFTP

Using the Ento SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) module, files can securely be exported from Ento or imported into Ento automatically. This is a common way to allow for other systems to use data stored in Ento or to import data into Ento. This eliminates the need to manually run imports or exports.

Commonly this is used to:

  • Import leave balances from a payroll system
  • Import new staff, roles, locations etc.
  • Export timesheets to a payroll system
  • Export actuals data to an invoicing or data warehouse system

The Ento SFTP site allows you to determine what files should be imported/exported and at what frequency. You can schedule imports to run overnight or outside of critical business hours so as to not cause any impact on the daily operations of your business.

All files that are imported will appear in the audit data import screen where you can see a full audit trail including what records were created, updated, deleted or errored. You can also download a copy of the file that was imported. In the event of a failed import you will alerted by our support team.

When exporting data from Ento, the files are placed on the SFTP location for you to then download and import into other systems.

The SFTP module uses the secure SFTP protocol to transmit all data. Connections to the SFTP server are limited to authorised clients only (via an IP v4 address whitelist). Connection also requires a username, password and encryption key.

Setup and integration testing

  • Setup of private and secure drop and pickup area within Ento’s infrastructure.
  • Configure backups of your secure drop and pickup area to AWS’ industry hardened S3.
  • Data sovereignty maintained for all files transferred in and out via SFTP.
  • We work with your team and/or the vendor to agree on public keys or a required password strength
  • We work with your team and/or the vendor to agree on a password rotation policy and change management process
  • We work with your team and/or the vendor to setup an isolated SFTP drop and pickup location within your/or your vendor’s system.
  • We work with your team and/or the vendor to send/receive test files for first pass integration testing
  • We work with your team and/or the vendor to manually process the first 5 days of live files to ensure successful integration.

Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

  • Incoming files:
    • If we don’t receive a file within the 2 hour window of when we expect to
    • If the file is in the wrong format (naming and structure)
    • If we are unable to process the file for any other reason
  • Outgoing files:
    • If we can’t reach the file destination within the 2 hours window we are expected to send it in.
    • If we are unable to build the file for any reason.

What happens if there is a problem?

  • We have 24/7 SMS alarming on failed transfers and on-call engineers 24/7/365
  • Customer or vendor can also escalate by emailing our Infrastructure Engineer team directly –  contact@ento.com

SLA Info:

  • 6 hours to resolve issues that can be identified as Ento side without customer/vendor involvement
  • 6 hours to contact customer/vendor on all other issues and 24 hour turnaround on responses

If you’re interested in having the SFTP module turned on for your account, or you have any questions about how it works, please feel free to get in touch with Ento Support using the chat bubble on the bottom left of the page.

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