The Benefits of Great Workforce Management

Here at Ento HQ, we talk a lot about workforce management, and how smart workforce management can so often be the competitive advantage a business needs.

But what do we actually mean by this?


What is workforce management?

Let’s start with the basics

When we talk about workforce management, we’re talking about a series of processes that enable a business to run things at the individual, departmental and institutional levels.

It includes collecting and analysing many layers of data, such as:

  • Payroll and benefits
  • Administration
  • Employee self-service
  • Time
  • Attendance
  • Data collection
  • Talent management/tracking
  • Training management
  • Performance management
  • Forecasting
  • Labour budgeting

With this data, a business can model what the company is capable of and what situations it can and can’t handle. It takes into account logistic, monetary and employee data to dictate what action a company should take.


Benefits of workforce management

When good workforce management practices are implemented, reporting can give you insights into the finer details of profit and loss. This data can point out certain patterns to you that may go otherwise unnoticed, such as declines in sales when a certain employee is working, or an unaccounted-for loss of stock.

Dealing with so much data can be daunting, but thankfully there are some quality workforce management tools available.


Does good workforce management save money?

Workforce management programs help you streamline previously messy parts of your business. Automated employee time and pay modules decrease errors and make interpreting complex awards and pay rules simple. A complete view of how you’re utilising your employees and their time helps you to roster more effectively – resulting in massive reductions to the labour cost average.

An automated workforce management system also results in better decision making. By using workforce management software, managers have more control of data and context, giving them the ability to allocate the right people with the appropriate skills to a task at exactly the time they are needed. This kind of efficiency has direct, positive effects on the ability of a company to react to various production goals while maintaining substantial quality. 


How does workforce management impact customer and business success?

Workforce efficiency is proven to have a direct impact on how consumers feel after dealing with a particular brand or company – companies that choose to strategically optimise their workforce through WFM programs see an increase in customer satisfaction. 

For example, McKinsey reports that by utilising workforce management, retailers can cut store labour costs by up to 12 per cent, while improving both customer service and employee satisfaction.

These programs also have a hand in reducing financial and non-compliance risks. Workforce management solutions enable companies to easily and effectively demonstrate compliance to local ordinances, union rules, individual employment contracts and so on. This drastically reduces non-compliance risks and any costs that may be associated with them.


The importance of workforce management in employee engagement

Last but not least (in fact this may be the most beneficial thing in this article), having good WFM systems in place increases employee morale. The efficiency, transparency and increased manager-employee communication improves feelings of openness in your employees, making them more engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs.

Additionally, the autonomous nature of working using WFM programs allows workers a sense of self-sufficiency and importance, increasing employees’ overall enjoyment in their work – which will inevitably increase their productivity.

Despite these benefits, some companies aren’t taking advantage of optimising their workforce management systems. Keen to understand how workforce management can serve your business? Find out more about Ento’s workforce management software by booking a demo today.



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