Five ways you can use the Send Message feature

The send message feature on Ento, found under the ‘Communication’ menu, is a convenient, fast and easy way to disseminate information to multiple staff members. Staff receive messages via SMS or email and can reply with their own updates. Here are popular ways our clients use it:

1. Urgent/last minute updates and shift changes

Just been informed by your client that there will be fifty, not fifteen, vegetarians at the function your staff are already en route to? Has the sales manager of the product you have your promotions team pushing today suddenly come up with a brilliant new angle? Instantly broadcast crucial on-the-day information via text to your rostered employees to stay on top of the game.

2. Greeting messages

Celebrate company or seasonal events and holidays by broadcasting greeting messages to all staff.

3. Instant updates during large events

Have staff utlilise their own mobile devices when coordinating staff on-the-fly during events that take place at large or multiple venues. Messages can be broadcast via Ento running on a laptop or tablet device, so your team can remain mobile and agile in the face of changing situations on event days.

4. Unique shift reminders and instructions

Stocktakes, product launches or other infrequent events that require special instructions or notifications can be handled easily by sending messages to all staff that are working on specific dates.

5. Staff birthdays/other life events

Promote a sociable and inclusive workplace by celebrating special days for individual employees.

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