Five ways you can use the Downloads Area

The Downloads Area on Ento offers managers a powerful tool for distributing work-related files to staff by having them accessible online. Utilise the Downloads Area to offload paper and print costs and distribute crucial information to remote or mobile staff from a central location. Here are five ideas on how different organisations can use this handy feature:

1. Staff handbooks, OHS documents, and procedure manuals

Save on paper and print costs by having reference materials available to staff online. You can also ensure only the most version is accessible (and viewed) by each of your staff, as your business progresses. Mark the downloads as ‘Sticky’ to ensure they are always at the top of the downloads list.

2. Event maps

Run a business that operates across multiple venues, or catering to event clients? Upload directions, sections and location layouts for event staff to access. Use the handy ‘notify staff’ function and ‘audience’ selectors to make sure only the staff working the event get the map.

3. Promotional material briefings

Frequent product iterations require staff to be quickly and effectively briefed. Upload product and pitch information for staff to access on the go.

4. Menus, product manuals

Seasonally changing menus, or a vast product range? Keep your employees updated. You never know, a staff member might take the chance to refresh themselves on your companies wine or food menu as they check their shifts from home!

5. Staff and family coupons

Make staff rewards easily accessible from their own computers or mobile devices. A few discounts made available to your staff and their family can boost team morale and grow your customer base.

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