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Stay on top of everyone's time off

Manage leave requests of full- and part-time staff, and stay on top of the ever-changing availability of your casuals.

Leave requests and accruals with ease

Correctly managing requests, approvals, accruals and deductions of leave hours is tricky business. We've built all the tools you need to handle the full lifecycle of leave - from the initial request via the staff app to the export into payroll.

Keeping track of unavailability is key

Struggling to keep on top of your staff's unavailability? From simple requests like, 'Jane can't work next Friday' to complex requests like ?Barry is at college every Tuesday morning for the next two months', we can help you manage.

Everyone away in a single view

Between the leave requests of your full- and part-time staff to the unavailability requests of your casuals, having access to everything on one calendar is absolutely critical when evaluating what to approve and reject.

Ento Edge

Listed below are features you won’t find in most of our competitors. They work alongside our core features to save you a little more time, a little more money or make you and your staff a little bit happier.

Set work schedules for extra accuracy

Part-time staff seldom work their contacted hours evenly across the pay cycle. You can setup 'work schedules' to tell the system this and know with confidence their Friday request for leave will use the right amount of their leave balance.

Leave covers a public holiday? We can handle it

The devil's in the detail when it comes to leave. When an staff takes a leave that spans December, our system - unlike most - knows not to consume the staff's leave balance on Christmas Day because it's a public holiday and they're already away.

Set how much leave is earned per hour

Do your staff accrue leave hours while they're away? How many days of leave do they accrue per year or per hour? We can help you configure the system to match your existing payroll rules to a tee.

Control who can approve who's leave

Perfect for 'managers of managers', you can set up permissions that let your store level managers handle the leave requests of their staff, but their own leave requests need to go to you for approval.

Stay on top of total leave time liability

Leave time liability - how much leave your staff have accrued but not taken - can become a massive problem for growing companies. Get access to a handy report that plots your existing liability and future liability based on approved requests.

Audit leave time accruals and deductions

Don't get caught short when someone asks why they only have 200 hours of leave balance instead of the 220 they calculated. Our leave time auditing page lets you easily see how and why a leave balance has evolved over time.

Custom leave balances and types

Customise the names of your leave types to match your existing payroll categories. Do your staff accrue a special type of leave time? Send us an email and we'll setup a custom balance for you.

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