Onboarding and

Capture precise time and attendance

With staff-managed timesheets, bulk approvals and the ability to sync with over 20 leading payroll providers, dealing with timesheets has never been easier.

Next generation Time Clock

Our Time Clock can run on any computer or tablet. It lets your staff clock in or out using a quick photo or PIN. You can also check at a glance to see who's late, who's on break and who should've gone home. Did we mention it works offline?

No headquarters? Try GPS-tagged clock-ins

Are you running a security, catering or other type of business without an HQ? Staff can clock in and out using their smart phone. The staff's GPS location will be attached to each clock in and out so you can validate they were on-site.

Traditional staff timesheets

Let your staff control their timesheet entries after their shifts are complete, from anywhere. They'll have access to their timesheet records via their logged in area, and their records will remain editable until you've approved them.

Check and approve timesheets quickly

All recorded clock in/out combinations are sent to a queue for your approval. Differences between 'rostered' and 'recorded' are highlighted, and edits can be made before they are 'authorised' for payroll.

Ento Edge

Listed below are features you won’t find in most of our competitors. They work alongside our core features to save you a little more time, a little more money or make you and your staff a little bit happier.

Foolproof facial recognition tech

Cards get lost, PINs get shared, paper is slow and fingerprint scanners are expensive. With more than 99% accuracy and less than two seconds needed to clock in, facial recognition is the best method of Time Clock authentication.

Make any tablet or PC a time clock

The Time Clock is available in the Android and Apple app stores, and can be installed on any tablet with a front-facing camera. Or you can run it in a browser window on your back-office computer to take your Time Clock hardware cost down to zero!

Manage and process call-outs easily

If you've rostered an on-call shift and someone needs to be called out, or called in, they can clock in as normal via the Staff app or Time Clock. A call-out shift will automatically get created and special costing rules can be applied.

Analyse the history of any timesheet

The system keeps a full version history of every shift, as it evolves from being rostered, worked and authorised for payroll. Our timesheet audit page lets you easily check how a shift has been changed, by whom, and the resulting cost effect.

Export any timesheet info you need

With over 100 fields to choose from, it's easy to build custom 'export templates' and run them for sets of your timesheet data. You might chose to further analyse the data in Excel, an analytics platform or just keep the export as a backup.

Approve matching timesheets in bulk

Are you processing hundreds or thousands of timesheets each week? If all the clocked-in data matches what was rostered, you can approve the shifts in bulk with a couple of clicks.

Smart clock rounding saves you time

No one clocks in and out on the dot, which is why the system intelligently rounds clock-ins up and clock-outs down. As long as your staff are in at least a few seconds before and after their shift, everything will line up automatically.

Control who can adjust timesheets

If you have multiple levels of management, you can set up permissions so only certain managers can make and authorize different types of timesheet adjustments, and all other adjustments enter a pre-authorisation state.

Make sure everyone's clocking in

We've built an amazing timesheet compliance heat map to highlight exactly who's letting the team down when it comes to clocking in and out of their shifts. Use it to push yourself and co-managers to 100% compliance.

Multiple Time Clocks sync magically

Is your workplace spread over a large area? Without a Time Clock there's no limit to the amount you can have running. Better yet, all clock data is automatically synced. This means staff can clock in at one end of the building and out at the other!

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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