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Happy workplaces communicate

Broadcast messages via email and SMS, share important files, and give your staff a voice in the discussion area.

Harness SMS and email communication

With the choice of distributing shifts via SMS and/or email, your staff will always have a record of their upcoming shifts and recent changes handy, even when they're offline. More importantly, no more calls!

No more missed shifts

Afraid your 'casual' staff are going to forget about their shifts? Automatically send them shift reminders 24 hours before each shift and sleep easy knowing everyone's going to turn up.

Broadcast messages in seconds

The message broadcast feature is a convenient, fast and easy way to disseminate info to some or all of your staff. From last-minute event details to motivational messages at the start of a big day, there's no limit to its usefulness.

Get everyone involved with discussions

The discussion feature is a great way make everyone feel involved in the business. It can be used for announcements, polls or as a private forum for your staff and co-managers to communicate in.

Distribute important files easily

The files area can be used to share documents and images with your staff. You might want to upload important information such as training manuals, menus, or even the embarrassing Christmas party photos!

Ento Edge

Listed below are features you won’t find in most of our competitors. They work alongside our core features to save you a little more time, a little more money or make you and your staff a little bit happier.

We send SMSs from local numbers

With 2-way SMS in over 35 countries including Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and most of Europe, two-way SMS is possible for most of our customers. For the rest of the world, SMSs are delivered via a UK or US number.

Check and resend messages anytime

Has one of your staff changed their number or email address and missed a message? We give you access to a full message history where you can check what's been successfully delivered and resend if needed.

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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