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Spend less time rostering staff

Shifts added in seconds. Complex costing rules calculated in real-time. Staff notified about their shifts instantly. With Ento's workforce management software, you and your staff save time.

Build rosters quickly and easily

Save time by creating each roster from scratch or a template. Drag-and-drop shifts around and let the system calculate your all-important labour costs and warnings. You can add notes to convey those extra little details.

Demand-based rostering

Remove the guesswork from your business. Use sales, footfall and other demand data to accurately project your future labour needs. Ento handles seasonality, special dates and events with an algorithm configured for your business.

Manage costs with daily budgets

Stop overspending on labour by setting a budget for the entire roster, each day or each hour. Get alerted instantly when a shift puts you over budget and use different views to work out where you can trim it.

Fill shifts without making a call

Someone didn't show up or you're busier than you expected? Use the fill-in finder to blast out an SMS or email to staff who aren't already working - then sit back and wait for replies to come in. You can assign the shift to the person of your choice in a couple of clicks.

Enjoy clash-free staff sharing

Share and roster staff across multiple locations with zero risk of shift clashes or overtime. The labour cost will be correctly attributed to the location they're working at and everyone will be able to see where they are.

Get shifts acknowledged - sleep easy

Simply switch on the optional Shift acknowledgment setting to ensure your staff confirm their shifts via the staff app or a quick reply SMS. Gone are the days of hearing the excuse 'I didn't know I was working'.

Ento Edge

Listed below are features you won’t find in most of our competitors. They work alongside our core features to save you a little more time, a little more money or make you and your staff a little bit happier.

Up-to-date weather information

We'll automatically populate your rosters with local weather forecast information up to 10 days out. Forecasts are show hourly and updated every few hours. Perfect for businesses affected by 'rainy days'.

Keep sensitive pay rates hidden

Want to keep a manager's pay rate hidden from other managers working on the roster? By using the wage hide feature, the cost of specific users can be hidden system wide, without affecting your high level reporting.

Get smarter staff suggestions

When you're assigning a staff to a shift, we've already checked that they're not working, won't get pushed into overtime and are able to do the role. We further sort by a star rating you can use however you like!

No restrictions on roster length

You're not forced you to roster a week at a time if you don't want. You can build fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or longer rosters in one view. Not only that, we've stress tested rosters to 200 staff long!

Roster your on-call shifts too

Do you use a rotating on-call roster to cover requirements outside of normal trading? These can be input into your normal roster and special costing rules applied. Even better, call out shifts are automatically created if someone on call clocks in.

Intelligent shift drag-and-dropping

We take our drag-and-drop a step further than most by filtering out the staff you can't drop a shift on, as soon as you start dragging it. You can also hold the shift key to take make a copy of the shift instead of moving it.

Easily roster multiple locations at once

Do you manage the rosters for multiple departments or stores? Get maximum flexibility by choosing to roster them separately or in a single large roster.

Copy, reassign or delete shifts in bulk

Want to make some big changes to the usual roster? Use the bulk tools to copy, move or delete tens or hundreds of shifts in a couple of clicks. This is particularly useful when a staff leaves unexpectedly.

Ensure opening hours are covered

The roster builder is always keeping an eye on the little details. You'll get an alert if no staff is rostered before your opening times or after your closing times.

Share staff within broad groups

Do you roster staff across many locations? You can set up geographical groups and let managers borrow staff from each other within them. Potential shift clashes, overtime and qualifications are all checked before being suggested.

Get the final word on new rosters

Have an assistant manager who builds the roster, but you want to be the one to check and 'publish' it? Switch their permissions to Submit for publish only to make sure you get all rosters first for approval.

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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