Payroll and

The right tools to manage a workforce

Our facial recognition Time Clock makes clocking in and out quick, simple and (best of all) cost effective.

Real-time cost reports and insights

Give management access to a suite of real-time reports that they can make truly informed decisions with. Easily build and share the custom reports most useful to your business.

Set your own reporting hierarchy

Configure up to five levels of management and reporting hierarchy within your account. Once set up, managers will only have access to the level of data you've defined and all reports will become instantly filterable.

Load and sync data with simple CSVs

Get the data flowing between your systems and ours. We've built 15+ different CSV file imports you can run in create, edit or full sync mode to populate and maintain your account data.

Store extra info on almost everything

Want to store employment contract documents on a staff's profile or a downloadable map on each location? With 'custom fields' you can store just about anything on staff, roles, locations and more.

Company-wide compliance at a glance

Check if rosters have been published on time, if they contain warnings and if they made budget - for the entire company - in one screen. Pinpoint which locations are failing to clock in and out of their shifts with the timesheet heat map report.

Ento Edge

Listed below are features you won’t find in most of our competitors. They work alongside our core features to save you a little more time, a little more money or make you and your staff a little bit happier.

Fine-grained permission control

From the menu items they see to the pay information that's visible, you can fine-tune exactly what your staff and managers can and can't do. The permission controls can hook into your hierarchy or work independently for virtually unlimited user groups.

Schedule daily sync file transfers

If you're regularly uploading CSV sync files to maintain your account data, we're more than happy to help automate the process by setting up a 'drop' location that you can roster an SFTP file transfer to.

The perfect balance of beauty and power

Store managers and staff will love the feel of 'simple' rostering software, while upper management and payroll will get to embrace the true power of an enterprise workforce management system.

If you need it, we can build it

If we don't already have it, then it we should be able to build it for you within a reasonable cost and timeframe. Don't mind a little wait? Eighty percent of the features customers have added to our feedback forum have been built.

Rollout in days and weeks, not months

Need a new workforce management system yesterday? We talk in days and weeks, not months like other providers. We can do this because so much is configurable out of the box and we're well versed in fast deployments.

99.95% uptime SLA for enterprise

With a 99.95% uptime guarantee and your own dedicated account manager, we're happy to negotiate SLAs with enterprise customers.

Ento’s workforce management software helps you take control of your business.

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