Award Interpretation Engine

Australia and New Zealand have some of the most comprehensive and complex pay rules in the world. But with Ento, you don’t have to worry as our powerful award interpretation engine has it covered.

Awards and agreements, simplified.

Leave complex award and agreement calculations to our enterprise-grade award interpretation engine.

We’ll first scope out which awards, EBAs or other conditions are required. Then we’ll configure our system so that it automatically calculates this in seconds, without any manual intervention – saving you admin and removing the risk of non-compliance.

Award Interpretation Non-Compliance Warning
Award Interpretation - Automated Leave, Toil and Complex Accrual Rates

Automated leave, TOIL and complex accrual rates.

Our award interpretation engine recalculates leave and accrual rates instantly when staff request time off. Managers can view role coverage when approving leave, so you can avoid being left short-handed during peak periods.

Sync with your existing payroll system

We partner with a number of payroll providers. So it’s easy to connect Ento with what you’re already using, removing the need for unnecessary processes and data entry. Plus, you can be assured that you’re paying all staff correctly, every single time.

Award Interpretation - Sync With Your Existing Payroll System

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We have found Ento's rostering and onboarding solution is a great fit for our business model. From rostering talent across more than 20 workplaces, using the onboarding and workflow function to efficiently contract and re-contract a seasonal workforce, through to monitoring the qualifications required for a range of positions - Ento does it all!

Fionne Matthews
General Manager, MomentumOne

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Demand Driven Rostering

Shifts added in seconds. Complex costing rules calculated in real-time.

Time & Attendance Software

Staff-managed timesheets, bulk approvals, sync with over 20 leading payroll providers.

Award Interpretation

Interpret the most complicated awards & agreements, changes instantly recalculated.

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Instant communication tools, allow staff to manage their details, swap shifts & more.

Onboarding & Workflows

Automated employee onboarding gives new hires an outstanding first impression.