Doubling Down on Developers @ Ento

Here at Ento, 2016 has gotten off to a flying start. We’ve launched rewarding new partnerships with PwC and NAB, added another ASX50 to our client list, and implemented a swathe of new features & integrations that we’re very excited about.

Our focus, going forward, is on evolving the Ento product, and developing it into a more comprehensive platform for businesses, of all scopes and sizes. However, as we head further down the HR rabbit hole, and explore existing solutions, the more disconnected – that is, lacking both integrations and actual offline solutions – we’re finding what’s already out there.

It’s 2016. We believe employees and employers deserve slick, connected technology. And we believe that we’re the ones to do it.

That’s why, as of today, we’re looking to fill four new product roles – a Senior UI/UX, Backend Dev, Junior Full-Stack & a Senior QA – to join our already world-class Melbourne team. We offer competitive salaries, possible stock options and all the benefits that come with working for a (funded) startup.

Know someone who’d be perfect for one of these roles? Share this post, or the link to our job board below. There’s a 3k finders fee on offer for introductions to a successful hire!

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