Dashboard makeover

To kick off Q2 2020, we have an uplift of our Dashboard module going live on the 6th April!

Despite the uncertain times, we’re working hard (at home!) to keep everything business as usual for supporting our customers and developing new features.


This release better aligns the dashboard to the roster builder and Manager Go app, freshening up the look while also focusing on displaying the most relevant data in the clearest way possible. The notable changes to the UI are:

Improved overview of employee shifts

Scan a live view of who is working today and their clocked in/out status. The new list format will ensure that all shifts remain visible with information displayed. Shifts that are “late” will have a red notification against them alerting you to follow up.

Separate display of employees on leave

Quickly reference which employees are on leave and their leave request type. Select the new “View” button to open the leave request in a new tab for quick access to further information.

Important dates are now grouped by their categories

Quickly scan for those categories that are important to you, like birthdays, qualification expiries or work anniversaries.


This update also forms the foundation for further improvements to the dashboard in the future.

We’re always keen to hear feedback, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team at contact@ento.com

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