State Swim Case Study

Partnering with Ento to streamline rostering, time and attendance and onboarding across 18 locations.


With 18 schools across Australia and Singapore, State Swim teaches swimming programs to over 30,000 families each week. Before Ento, the business managed its workforce functions across multiple platforms and software providers.

When looking for better ways to manage their workforce, the team sought visibility across time and attendance, rostering, onboarding, and qualifications. They were on the hunt for a solution that centralised all of these processes.


State Swim uses Ento to streamline processes in one easy-to-use platform. With this new system, they can take advantage of a digital onboarding process, and create smarter, more intuitive rosters. In addition, they can benefit from complete transparency across locations, giving State Swim instant insights into their workforce across their different sites.

Faster, more efficient onboarding means State Swim gets their new hires up to speed in a fraction of the time it would take previously. Contracts, policies and qualifications are handled using Ento’s onboarding and workflows feature, saving time on admin.

Setting the business up for rostering was no easy task. The Fitness Industry Award, which the business falls under, is complex and needed expert support. Ento’s Technical Solutions Team managed the entire implementation process end-to-end. This helped deliver State Swim with user-friendly drag-and-drop rosters that automatically calculate roster costs according to the award. So State Swim kept on top of their labour budgets while also staying compliant.


State Swim’s solution now boasts efficient onboarding, transparency across workforce functions, and a roster that interprets over 120 award conditions. To support the transition for the business, the Ento team was on hand to assist should State Swim need help with rostering, payroll and more. 

The overall result? Better visibility and time and money saved – two priorities critical for the business as State Swim sets their sights upon growth in 2022.

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