The fine balance of increasing sales while reducing labour costs, a kikki.K story


Since being founded in 2001 by Swiss-born Kristina Karlsson, kikki.K has expanded its operations globally to include over 100 stores, with the addition of being stocked by another 250 stores, making the luxury Swiss stationery brand available in over 147 countries.

kikki.K’s popularity rose from its Swedish design heritage & attention to detail that can be seen in every element of their products from the packaging & minimalist aesthetics to the hand drawn illustrations found across its range of stationery & giftwares.

In the words of Tom Kaewkhampa, kikki.K’s Chief Financial Officer, ‘we see our customers as guests making sure the purchasing experience is consistent & familiar whether purchasing in-store or online. We do this by focusing on staff product knowledge, offering a cohesive collection & keeping the company’s purpose of helping people live their best lives every day at the forefront of everything the company does”

This strategy has lead to a staggering 70% of all purchases made by returning guests, a metric closely tracked by Tom & his team at kikki.K.

Move to Ento

We asked Tom what led the company to look at Workforce Management software & why kikki.K selected Ento as their vendor of choice.

The key criteria set by the executive team was to find a cloud solution that could scale with the companies projected growth over the next five years. Key requirements included:

Intuitive UI
Easy to use interface to ensure a high number of staff adopted the solution

Reduce inefficiencies
Reduce manual HR processes such as rostering, capturing time & attendance, back-filling shifts & onboarding employees

Optimise costs
Optimise labour costs while increasing productivity & sales

Support mobile workforce
Support a workforce that is mobile friendly

As part of the vendor selection process, Tom & his team spoke to several retailers who recommended Ento as a solution along with two other WFM providers.

After an extensive process reviewing several vendors, Ento was identified as the preferred solution based on the system’s ability to solve the key requirements of each of the key stakeholders involved in the project including;

Executives & Finance
Optimise labour costs & increase sales

Ensure high levels of compliance

Retail Operations
Ease of use & reduce manual processes

“The interface is so simple. It was love at first sight!”

Achieving 100% of labour costs budget since implementing Ento


Since implementing Ento, kikki.K has seen significant improvement across all of the key criteria set during the vendor selection process. Tom noted several key improvements

Reduced labour spend
Kikki.k use rostering and T&A data to drive labour cost visibility across their network. Kikki.k no longer exceed labour budgets & have since achieved 100% labout cost budget since implementing Ento.

Reduced admin time
The average time spent by managers rostering has been reduced from 8 hours per week down to 2, with some locations rostering even faster by simply rolling a roster forward from a previous week.

Improved forecasting & analysis
Budget & forecasting analysis would previously take a full day each week. Thanks to Ento’s ability to quickly export clean data, the time to complete forecasting is now less than 3 hours.

Improved onboarding experience
Onboarding new employees in-store or at Head Office is considerably faster thanks to the intuitive design of the platform.

75% reduction in rostering time

Next steps

As the Executive Sponsor on kikki.K’s Workforce Management project, Tom is far from finished. With plans to leverage demand data (footfall & POS) to optimise guest to staff ratio in realtime by utilising Ento’s Demand Driven Rostering, his ultimate goal is to increase sales without needing to grow his team, a goal we can’t wait to help him achieve.

‘My portfolio is growing but my team doesn’t need to grow because we have the right tools. The only way to do more is to be really efficient’

75% reduction in time spent budget forecasting &analysing

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