Leave management: Taking care of the details

February 25, 2015 Aulay Macaulay No Comments

Correctly managing requests, approvals, accruals and deductions of leave hours is tricky business. We’ve been busy building out our leave functionality to give you better control, more robust auditing and useful reporting.

Leave request improvements

Part-time staff seldom work their contracted hours evenly across the week. You can setup ‘work schedules‘ to tell the system this and know with confidence a request for leave on a Friday will use the right amount of their leave balance based on the hours they usually work on Fridays. When a staff takes a leave that spans December, our system – unlike most – knows it shouldn’t consume the staff’s leave balance on Christmas Day because it’s a public holiday and they’re already entitled to the day off. Leave hours skipped on Good Friday Not only that, the system will alert you if the request is going to push their leave balance into the negative by forward calculating accruals up to the start date of the requested leave AND taking other approved leave requests between then and now into account. Leave accrual

Auditing leave requests

We now display the who/what/when/where/why of the leave requester and the approver/rejecter. To access these details, go to the Rostering → Leave page, do a search for Approved leave then click the View button. View leave

Accruals & deductions from leave balances

A question we are frequently asked is how and when Ento updates the leave balance’s of staff. The short answer is when the Process button is pressed on a completed pay cycle (accessible from the Payroll → Pay cycles page). Since this Process button is somewhat hidden in the payroll area, we’ve added a Pay cycles button to the dashboard with an alert counter for pay cycles that need to be processed. Pay cycles with timesheets pending authorisation can now be processed. Just remember, once this is done, the timesheets can’t be edited.

Auditing leave balances

At times you may wonder why a staff’s leave balance is what it is. Via the System logs → Leave balance history page you can bring up a full audit of leave balance changes and easily see if changes to the balance are a result of normal accrual and deductions, manual edits via the Account → Staff page or the upload of a sync file. Leave balance history If you don’t have access to the System logs → Leave balance history page, you can access an individuals history by going to Payroll → Pay cycles, clicking through to a pay cycle, then a staff, then the View details button next to the leave section of the form.

Leave liability reporting

Staying on top of leave liability should be a priority for workforce planners or managers of large organisations. To help you do this there’s a new Leave liability report found under the Reporting menu. By default, it will show the total leave liability as of the current day and how its increased or decreased over the last two months. You can use the date filters to project future leave liability based on leave requests that have been approved and estimated future accruals. If there’s anything else you would like to see in the leave area, let us know.

Happy rostering!

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