Expanding Ento’s Partner Program

May 30, 2016 Dean Paquola No Comments

Over the last few months, the team at Ento have been working with Payroll, HR and Accounting organisations Australia-wide – launching partnerships that have created massive value for partners, their clients and the Ento ecosystem.

We’re noticing a surge in companies that want to include workforce management in their offering – and to ensure we’re able to support our partners growth for the future, we’re restructuring our partner program into four key streams – which you can see below:


  1. Advocate: Earn a commission by referring clients to Ento
  2. Expert: Grow your revenue by selling Ento as part your bundled offering
  3. Technology alliance: Remove manual processes with Ento talking directly to your software
  4. Platform white label: Save yourself years of R&D and rebrand the Ento platform as your own


There’s a heap of great partners out there and they’re in a variety of industries, plenty we’ve spoken to, and plenty we haven’t (yet). They vary from;


  • Payroll providers needing a powerful, intuitive workforce management solution that cuts down on timesheet processing
  • HR consultants that want to use workforce engagement data as part of their consulting practices
  • ERP specialists that need a more flexible rostering tool that works with SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft
  • A heap of accountants that want to offer more technology and consulting services to their clients.


If your organisation (or someone you know) fits the bill – and want to join the likes of PwC, NAB, & Maestrano in helping Ento to take every last minute of wasted time out of HR & workforce management – then get in touch via dean@ento.com or check out our Partner program here.

Happy partnering!

Dean Paquola
Partnerships Manager

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