Product Showcase – January 2020

February 10, 2020 Richard Eaves No Comments

Welcome to our product showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments, now monthly to match our internal planning structure.

Dashboard improvements    IN DESIGN


Foundational work to update the styling of the dashboard that will allow future development of customisable & rearrangeable widgets which is currently being defined & designed

What will be included this month?

  • Improved overview of employees who are working today with clocked in & out status
  • Improved overview of employees on leave today


Timesheet listing improvements   IN DEVELOPMENT


New timesheet card layout, simplified view of verification and rostered vs recorded times & the ability to multi-select timesheets to make it easier for managers to review & authorise timesheets

This is the first phase of work in reviewing the experience of the time & attendance module, with the aim to add the ability to review & authorise timesheets in the Manager Go app


Display of other hours in the roster builder    RELEASED


Display other hours such as TOIL, unpaid leave and overtime in the roster builder to allow managers to better understand the utilisation of their employees.

This means that hours which ‘don’t count toward the standard hour count’ can continue not counting but still display on the roster so managers know how many true hours they’ve been rostered.

This feature is off by default but can be switched on in Company Settings


FastTrack integration   IN DEVELOPMENT

Recruit, roster, time, pay & bill for staffing & labour hire businesses

Foundational work to support the integration with FastTrack will begin in February, including several new endpoints added to the public API, including our first endpoints which can create, update & delete employee data


Other features

Updating the public API   IN DEVELOPMENT

Updated backend tooling to a newer version to improve development of the public API


Single-sign on in the Timeclock    RELEASED

Customers who use single-sign on to log into Ento can now log into the Timeclock app using their single-sign on credentials


Improved security    RELEASED

Rolling out security updates across all of the Ento development repositories



See you next month for another update! Feel free to check out past showcases here.

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