Product Showcase – 22/06/2018

June 27, 2018 Richard Eaves No Comments

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 11/06 to 22/06!


Early access continues

Super managers familiarise themselves before their core teams


  • Initial 7 customers granted access – June 6th
  • 390 super managers granted access – June 19th


  • General managers from group 2 granted access – June 26th
  • Working to engage more feedback
  • Early access expanded based on feature set & user type
  • Cont. polish & fixes prior to public release



More employees, fill-in finder – released

Single UX and workflow for finding an employee


  • A new consistent experience between more employees, offer, offer review, batch assign & future state bulk edit
  • Enables managers to fill shifts when suitable ‘smart suggestions’ are not available


  • Essential feature prior to NRB general release
  • Currently there are a mix of experiences for finding an employee (more employees, fill-in finder & batch shift)
  • Optimise the employee selection process through one UX pattern


Roster actions – released

Ready to action information


  • Modular action cards shown in edit & info panels
  • Actions covered include swap, cover, drop, shift confirmation & fill-ins
  • ‘What if’ impact analysis shows the outcome on cost & compliance if request approved


  • Increased awareness of impacts that don’t align with business objectives
  • Future state ‘To-do’ list will optimise manager workflow – everything requiring attention in one centralised location
  • Essential feature prior to NRB general release


Qualification adherence – released

Assisting rostering managers to make compliant decisions


  • Blocking shift drag & drop due to qualifications
  • Visual signals for unqualified employees & roles


  • Guides rostering managers to make compliant decisions
  • Essential feature prior to NRB general release


Grouped shifts – in development

Efficient rostering for heavy workloads


  • ‘Grouped shifts’ which allow identical shifts to be bulk created & managed through single actions


  • Our opportunity to iron out creases in the current process
  • Shortcuts rostering workflow for users rostering very similar shifts
  • Leverages the UX of more employees allowing a single panel for multi-assign & multi-edit
  • Future state of unlinking shifts has been considered to allow flexibility
  • Enables us to move batch users across to the new roster builder sooner


Roster health – in design

Define & promote business objectives


  • Blend business objectives into everyday rostering
  • Create alignment between your organisation and your rostering managers
  • Pick & choose health metrics that matter to you
  • Define 2 tiers of health, low and critical, within each health metric
  • Enterprise level configuration of each metric so you can make it your own
  • Don’t have a metric you want? Custom built metrics available and embedded all the way through from rostering to reporting.


Roster health bar – in development

Define & promote business objectives


  • A high level ‘health’ status for an entire roster
  • Individual metrics highlighting issues
  • Navigation between modes & springboard to triage issues to correct health


Weather – in development

Insightful weather to help you roster


  • A revitalised weather bar in the new roster builder
  • Detailed weather information included in day & hour info panels


  • 70% of existing customers accounts use this feature
  • Weather is an important factor in predicting demand for many businesses
  • Brings life, personality & colour to the new roster builder


Smart shift fill prototype – in development

The first steps to auto smart filling of empty shifts


  • A proof of concept showcasing bulk shift fill capabilities for a single roster
  • A rule & penalty based algorithm
  • A full scenario based algorithm resulting in healthy rosters, rather than simply individually healthy shifts


  • Prototyping will create a clear understanding of effort required. Especially when it comes to distilling already configured Ento awards into shift fill rules
  • Will enable early delivery of shift fill with the implementation of limits rules
  • Automated shift fill currently an expectation within workforce management deals
  • Future state will allow smart fill to be utilised:
    • On-demand or automated within roster creation processes.
    • For single shifts or bulk
    • In a ‘what if’ scenario to understand the impact of things like shift swaps.


Shift tags & additional shift styles – in development

Quickly identify your important shifts


  • Coloured tags to identify ‘On call’ & ‘Call out’ shifts
  • Custom tags to signify associated custom data


  • Allow easy identification of other shift types for managers
  • Flexible ability to ‘tag’ shifts with data important while rostering or retrospectively reviewing rosters


Other features

Roster from outside area – released

Filters within ‘more employees’ to access extra employees


Shift custom data – in development

Custom data management as part of shift creation. Allows customers utilising this feature to use the new roster builder


Penetration test – completed

3rd party application and infrastructure penetration testing, conducted periodically to ensure continued security

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