Product Showcase – 17/08/2018

August 27, 2018 Richard Eaves No Comments

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 06/08 to 17/08!


Autofill & optimise roster (Phase 1) – In Beta

Implementing Ento’s autofill & optimise engine


  • Quickly autofill empty shifts within a roster
  • Leverage per award rules to control the balance between costs, compliance and filling a shift


  • A first step to automating rostering
  • Save time, increase compliance and reduce costs


Autofill & optimise roster (Phase 2) – In development

Implementing Ento’s autofill & optimise engine


Phase 1

  • Quickly autofill empty shifts within a roster
  • Leverage per award rules to control the balance between costs, compliance and filling a shift

Phase 2

  • Autofill & optimise rosters contextually via selection on roster
  • Intuitive suggestion review process
  • Impact summary of the autofill & optimise process


  • Allows managers to apply or dismiss each suggestion
  • Providing managers with a summary of the improvements that the autofill & optimise process has had on their rosters to build trust in the algorithm


Shift custom data – released

Attach additional information to shifts


  • Custom data options within the shift create/edit panel
  • Connect into visual shift tags to call out important shifts


  • Enable us to roll out NRB to customers using shift custom data
  • Attach custom data to shifts for pay, bill or audit reasons
  • Coming soon! Communicate custom data to employees


Timesheet driven demand – in development

Derive headcount need from past timesheets


  • Use previous authorised timesheets as demand drivers
  • Will leverage existing forecast settings
  • Authorising timesheets for a given day and see the headcount need changes reflected in future rosters


  • In the absence of demand drivers such as sales or footfall, headcount need can still be forecasted off timesheets
  • A “no-effort” path to demand driven rostering
  • Respond to constant timesheet over/under authorisation on rosters pre-publish.


Roster settings & row reordering – in development

Bringing customisation to your roster


  • Hide/show empty rows on a roster
  • Group employees by role
  • Expand grouped shifts
  • Reordering of roles, employees and areas


  • Allows rostering managers to organise their rosters to make the rostering process as efficient as possible


Roster review process – in concept

Control and review unhealthy rosters



  • Control who and when rosters can be submitted, reviewed and published
  • Combine roster health with manager permissions to build robust workflows
  • New roster states, approved and rejected
  • Leave comments for other managers within a roster when submitting, reviewing or publishing
  • Additional manager permissions to review rosters


  • Increased visibility on the state of a roster and communication as to why it is in that state
  • Keep communication contextual and in one place
  • Increased feature purpose and opinion creates clarity and greater usability without sacrificing flexibility


New roster publish – in design

Roster health centric publishing of rosters


  • Clearer understanding of overall and individual metric health
  • Publish or submit a roster depending on permissions
  • Blocking of publish or submit based on roster health


  • Allows rostering managers to see if they are meeting business objectives before publishing or submitting a roster
  • Adding a two step process for comments allows for better communication between manager


Roster health preferences – in concept

Define company health metrics


  • Ability to toggle roster health metrics on and off
  • Define the low and critical thresholds for each individual roster health metric
  • Initially at a company level, future state will allow per store group definitions


  • Personalise roster health with business level metrics
  • Define critical thresholds which control review processes
  • Flows into roll-up reporting


Roster health report – in concept

See your company’s roster health


  • Roster health report to get an overview of the roster health of all your rosters
  • Visualisations of health metrics across all rosters or filtered areas


  • Provides an overview of the roster health on all rosters as well as an average for each health metric at a company level


Other features

Scale ready forecast engine – released

Redeveloped the forecast engine to increase sales forecasting speed by 3 times and enable scaling to cope with higher workloads


Message sending redesign – in development

Redesigned the message sending system to reduce delivery time to less than 5 seconds


Keyboard shortcuts – in development

Keyboard shortcuts and confirmations for copy, paste and delete on a roster in the new roster builder


Roster UI performance – released

Across the board performance increase when using your roster (selecting, navigating, creating, editing) by 60%


See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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