Product Showcase – 12/04/2019

May 3, 2019 Richard Eaves No Comments

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 01/04 to 12/04!


Manager login Single-Sign On    RELEASED

Security, peace of time & less forgotten passwords

Integrate with Active Directory via ADFS or Okta

Centrally control access & credentials for all employees – Ensure onboarding and offboarding stays smooth and secure

Employees can use their company email and password to access Ento — less forgotten passwords


Refreshed platform look & feel    RELEASED

Our modern look & feel from onboarding & rostering on existing pages

Visual updates to the platform to unify the user experience & improve the clarity of information

These are style updates exclusively & won’t change information shown

First batch of high traffic page (customers & demos):

  • Rosters
  • Review timesheets
  • Leave
  • Employee list
  • Unavailability
  • Pay cycles

Batch 2 to be released April 29th


Manage pre-start & deleted employees

Reactive, view & manage terminated & prestart employees

Super managers can filter employees by status (active, prestart, deleted)

Update details & allow deletion of pre-start employees    RELEASED

Reactivate deleted employees    IN DESIGN


Easily access employee info in role view    RELEASED

Roster against roles & demand, but still see who you are rostering

Click the employee’s name in a shift info panel for quick access to the assigned employee’s info from any view


Fully honour leave unavailability    RELEASED

Employees can be marked as unavailable when taking leave for the entire period taken

Mark employees as unavailable for the entire leave period taken to ensure they aren’t rostered incorrectly

Unavailability will automatically be created for an employee when creating leave & will be signified on the roster


Roster builder usability improvements   IN DEVELOPMENT

Improving the rostering experience by adding features to allow managers to roster efficiently

Select the roster you want to work on next via a dropdown list of all your rosters

View leave & unavailability requests from the roster via the info panel, action bar & edit panel

Create new rosters in the roster builder

Improving the usability of the edit panel by auto-selecting fields when creating & editing shifts

Ongoing improvements to roster load times & scroll performance


Self service workflows    IN DESIGN

Allowing employees to initiate workflows

Employees can initiate workflows to update their details, submit a document or view evergreen content.

Examples of uses cases include updating contact details, bank details, self credentialing, submitting expenses or incident reports or checking the policy pack.

Reduce admin time by having employees kick off workflows themselves

Stay in-control with your own workflow templates


Demand Driven Rostering actuals    RELEASED

Gain insight into forecast accuracy & adjust future days in the roster when needed

Better understanding of whether rosters are compliant & financially viable


Chris21 employee export   IN DEVELOPMENT

Allowing managers to export employee information in the format of a Chris21 import so that they can easily import data into their payroll systems

Removes manual process for operations team of exporting employee information in the Chris21 format


Other features

Accept shift swap & cover from the staff app    RELEASED
Employees can now confirm shift swaps & covers via push notifications within the staff app


Shift interpreter improvements    RELEASED
Ongoing improvements made to the shift interpreter to enable customers with large rosters to enable efficiently


Roles grouped by area in the edit panel    RELEASED
Roles will be grouped by area in the edit panel in the roster builder so it’s easier to know which roles belong to an area


Unaggregated leave within MicrOpay timesheets export   IN DEVELOPMENT
Leave aggregation can be set to per day or per pay cycle in the MicrOpay timesheet export


Kepler integration   IN DEVELOPMENT
Integration to capture footfall data to be used in Ento to power demand driven rostering & reduce the barrier of entry for customers


SnapHire integration    IN DESIGN
Integration with SnapHire’s ATS to improve the onboarding experience for new employees & reduce data management between platforms


PayGlobal employee information export    IN DESIGN
Integration to allow the import & export of employee information between PayGlobal & Ento



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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