Product Showcase – 01/03/2019

March 18, 2019 Richard Eaves No Comments

Welcome to our fortnightly showcase, full of release information and early looks at upcoming developments for the fortnight from 18/02 to 01/03!


Hourly productivity vital    RELEASED

Ensure you’re rostering the optimal amount of staff to maximise productivity

Use data like bookings, sales or orders to ensure your labour hours are effectively used

Perfectly balance labour to maximise productivity by tracking against targets

Drive behaviours & increase understanding with colour coded alerts

Know which days are over staffed & make tweaks easily


Payslips in the employee app    RELEASED

Give your employees a single access point

A new add on allows employees to download & view their payslips in the employee app

Initially available for companies using MicrOpay


Apply for NZ leave types in the staff app

Set up awards for New Zealand’s Holiday Act

Separate AU & NZ leave balances by setting-up NZ specific awards

Simplified interface for managers to create leave for both AU & NZ types

Leave balance history in days     RELEASED

Apply for NZ leave types in the staff app    IN DEVELOPMENT


Object group permissions    IN DEVELOPMENT

Ensure sensitive employee information remains private

Give managers no access, view only or view & edit permission over employee information

Restrict information such as salary, exit interview details & performance management details


Break clock-in & out    IN DEVELOPMENT

Avoid time theft

Easily audit shifts & keep track of when employees take their break


Other features

FastTrack integration    RELEASED
Export paycycles to csv ready to be imported into FastTrack



See you next fortnight for another update! Feel free to check out past fortnights here.

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