Announcing a completely new rostering experience

April 23, 2018 Richard Eaves 2 Comments

Get a sneak peak and discover how to be one of the first to take it for a spin

We’ve heard your feedback and are pleased to announce that Ento is working on a redesigned and improved roster builder!

At the end of 2017 we made the call to reconstruct our roster builder from the ground up using the latest front-end technologies and design principles. This will ensure greater usability and higher performance all while expanding our range of features and supporting increasingly complex rostering scenarios and automation.

What to expect initially:

  • Speed and performance: Roster load times, navigation and shift actions will all be significantly faster. Roster loads themselves will be at least twice the speed.
  • Clean design: A new, modern look and feel.
  • Easier to use: More intuitive roster actions such as editing and copying shifts, and assigning staff.
  • Flexible view modes: Day, week and roster levels which allow you to smoothly zoom out for a clear overview of the entire roster before zooming back in to work on the detail.
  • Improved roster ‘health’ views: New ‘Cost’, and ‘Compliance’ and ‘Demand’ views, which overlay your roster with data to support decision-making and optimisation.


Coming soon after:

  • Custom views: Support for custom views tailored to the KPIs and performance metrics used by your business.
  • AI-driven assisted rostering: including automated shift-fill and demand-based shift creation.



Our dedicated team of 12 designers and developers have been hard at work for a few months, already investing over 1,000+ hours into pulling our current feature set apart and redesigning it, 3,000+ hours into writing new lines of code and 1,000+ hours testing it in hundreds of different scenarios. What they’ve accomplished so far is already blowing our minds, and they’re not done yet!



While there’s still work to be done, we wanted to share our plans with you as soon as possible. The team is working hard to get the new version into your hands around the middle of this year – we’re targeting mid-2018 for a general release.

To secure early beta access for your organisation and help shape our new roster builder as it’s updated, get in touch via and we’ll be in touch closer to the release date.

For our enterprise customers, we’re happy to work with you on change management plans closer to the release date.

* designs represent a work in progress and are subject to change before release


  • Moritz Menzel

    Hi Guys

    This seems exciting but I would love to have a look at it first and see whether our current managers will need to be re-trained to use this. Will there be a webinar of some kind before the rollout ?

    kind regards


    • Richard Eaves

      Hi Moritz,
      We’ll definitely have plenty of training materials available, and after launch you’ll likely be able to switch between the two for a while so you have the opportunity to revert back while you get used to it.
      If you’d like an even earlier look, let us know if you’d like to join the beta and we can get in touch before it rolls out to all managers.

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