A fresh coat of paint

April 1, 2019 Richard Eaves No Comments

A fresh new look for the future of workforce management

From next week, you’ll notice various pages in Ento start to show off their updated looks, bringing fresh table designs, fonts, buttons and more from our new design framework that’s already in use for Onboarding and the new Roster Builder.

These changes are cosmetic so you will find functionality hasn’t been affected but expect the cleaner look to improve your workflow through better legibility.

On Monday April 8th, the first pages will be released:

Roster list


Review timesheets




Employee list




Pay cycles


From there, we’ll be updating other pages as we complete them, bringing the whole site up to speed – we’ll let you know whenever a new batch are on the way! As always we love your feedback so feel free to get in touch any time.

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