April Update

Hoping you all enjoyed the Easter holiday period!

While there was some relaxing and eating of chocolate on our end, we certainly didn’t stop developing improvements and new features, so here’s a quick update of what’s come out recently to help you get the most out of your account.

Clocking in and out of breaks

This is a configurable option that requires employees to clock in and out of their break on a working shift. This feature accurately represents the time taken on breaks so that managers can easily audit shifts for break compliance. Clock in and out of breaks is a free feature that can be turned on by your Account Manager or Ento Support team.


Object Group Permissions

Show and hide confidential employee information in Core HR depending on access levels of managers.


Employee info on roster in role view

Click the employee’s name on a shift for quick access to the assigned employee’s details from any view.


Manage pre-start and deleted employees

Super Managers can manage active, pre-start and deleted employees; update their details, delete or reactivate old employees.


Toggle between rosters

Back in the new roster builder, by popular demand (to be released next week). Navigate quickly between rosters using the back and next shortcut arrows without leaving the current view.



If you’re interested in learning more about these new features, reach out and chat  with us or send an email to contact@ento.com.

For more details on what’s upcoming at Ento, check out our fortnightly Product Showcase.

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