8 Benefits of Using Digital Workforce Management Tools in Aged Care

In a world where we’re constantly connected, aged care centres are being urged to adapt and take advantage of digital technology.

Our aged care sector is experiencing pressure from all sides. Our population is ageing, workers are in short supply and reporting requirements are becoming more stringent. Combining this with the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19 can create feelings of unease and stress across your staff.

By 2025, Gartner predicts that 60% of global midmarket and large enterprises will have invested in cloud-based tools for HR and talent management. Digital solutions can alleviate the pressure of operational processes and can be a hugely effective way to boost productivity and engagement. If you’re thinking about introducing digital systems to your business, read on to learn about the benefits of these tools.

Upskilled workers

On the job learning is an excellent way for employers and employees to build a trusting relationship. Employees who are upskilled in ever-changing technologies can become champions of new tools, helping spearhead innovation moving forward.


Embracing digital systems provides choice, flexibility and personalisation. For example, platforms can be set up with a variety of user permissions and roles; branding such as colours or other features which make them specific to your needs; reporting dashboards tailored for you personally so you know what’s going on in the business at all times.

Employee satisfaction

Empowered employees are a company’s backbone, and it is up to aged care providers to provide staff with the tools needed for efficient work. Rostering software like Ento allows managers of all levels to build rosters effortlessly while also giving staff members control over their schedules without disrupting the system itself.


Innovations are happening that help organisations improve their processes every day. When using digital tools across the business, providers get better insight into processes and their outcomes. This can allow managers to optimise where possible.


Cloud-based digital tools have the potential to benefit employee productivity and quality of care. The best solutions are those that can be used on desktops, smartphones or tablets. This means they can be used both on the go and in a care setting.

Employee engagement

Digital communication channels can encourage collaboration and engagement as well as offer a place for company-wide comms that supports your engagement strategy. Using an app that can be accessed on any device will ensure everyone gets updates, no matter the time or place.

Better record keeping

Swapping paper for a digital system makes record keeping easier than ever before. Sophisticated tools can help payroll, accounting and rostering teams with version control, updates to employee information, rosters and timesheets – all in just the click of a button!

Less admin

The amount of time that workers spend on needless administration can be an issue for many aged care providers. Using a digital platform to automate cumbersome tasks – like altering timesheets or calculating labour spend on rosters – will help free up time for more important work.

Aged care has changed enormously over the past few decades. The rapid pace of this change continues with digital solutions transforming how we live, work and look after our ageing population. Digitalisation has created new opportunities that will allow us to address challenges faced by this industry.

For ideas on how workforce management software can improve your aged care centre’s processes, download Ento’s free guide or book a demo today.

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